Gojek Introduces GoTransit, What’s Its Use?

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Gojek officially introduced its newest features GoTransit. This feature can be used as a guide if you want to travel multimodal with other public transportation.

Head of Transport Gojek Raditya Wibowo said, GoTransit was launched as one of the solutions for its customers who want to travel using multimodal transportation.

“To improve the integration of multimodal transportation, we have presented the GoTransit technology solution. This solution helps our users to plan and monitor their trips to / from various public transportation hub points through integrated route recommendations and operational information, “he said in a discussion on Gojek and the Future of Inter-Mode Integration of Public Transportation in Jabodetabek which was conducted virtually on Tuesday (4 / 8/2020).

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In addition, Raditya also said that this feature was actually present before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. However, due to the implementation of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) period by the government in various regions in Indonesia, this feature was not promoted.

Although this feature has just been promoted, Gojek claimed to be preparing for development. service development. For example, route recommendations with a small number of transits.

Even Gojek said it would develop this feature by providing multimodal ticket services.

“So in the future customers can directly buy tickets, for example, Gojek travel packages and public transportation travel tickets. So it’s easier, customer won’t bother thinking about paying 3 times, “he said.

Raditya said, Gojek opened up to anyone who wanted to collaborate in developing the GoTransit feature. He ensured, the collaboration carried out later would pay attention to safety and health protocols.

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