Gold falls for a second month as US bond yields, dollar rise By Reuters

© Reuters. Gold bars in Munich, Germany, in a photo from the Reuters archive.

(Reuters) – It fell about 1 percent on Tuesday, posting a second consecutive month of losses, as it came under pressure from a stronger dollar and rising US Treasury yields, reducing the precious metal’s allure despite concerns about a sharp rise in inflation.

And it fell 1.03 percent to $ 1837.00 an ounce by 2115 GMT. Gold ended the month down more than 3 percent, its biggest monthly loss since September.

US gold futures fell 0.93 percent to $1,840 an ounce.

It rose 0.345 percent, and the benchmark returns for ten years jumped, which negatively affects the attractiveness of the yellow metal, which does not generate returns.

Among other precious metals, it fell in spot transactions 1.88 percent to $21.53, ending the month with a loss of more than five percent.

Platinum rose 0.60 percent to $964.87, recording the first monthly increase in three months.

And fell 1.6 percent to $ 1999.70, ending the month with losses of more than 14 percent, the largest since November.

(Prepared by Wajdi Al-Alfi for the Arab Newsletter)

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