Gold prices rise 7 pounds and 21 carat records 887 pounds per gram for the first time

The price of gold in evening transactions rose today by 7 pounds, as the 21-carat gold, the best-selling and most traded gold in the Egyptian goldsmiths market, rose 887 pounds per gram, after breaking the price of an ounce of gold in 1994 dollars for the first time in history.

Gold price today in Egypt …

Caliber 18: 760.25 pounds

Caliber 21: 887 pounds

Caliber 21: 1013.70 pounds

Gold Pound: 7096 pounds

World price: $ 1994

Ihab Wasef, deputy head of the precious metals division in the Chamber of Commerce, said that gold rose by 0.80% and silver rose by 3.90%, indicating that gold achieved a new record globally and locally and approaching two thousand dollars per ounce.

Gold is considered a safe haven in the sense that it is required in the event of global instability. Gold is a limited material in the world, and with the increase in the number of people, the demand for it increases and consequently the continuation of its high prices, and it is possible to divide gold when it is sold, such as selling 100 grams or more or less, while the property cannot Only sell the entire apartment and not a room

Gold can be subject to decline and rise in the stock market, and therefore you may gain or lose from it, but if you have the experience to know buying gold when it is falling by following up on experts and economic news and choosing the place to buy well, as well as knowing when to sell when there are signs of decline, for example in such days Corona’s concerns are an opportunity to buy gold for investors to flee to.

Gold is considered the best and most secure way to save, at least if not for investment and profit, and although many people do not have the experience to know when to buy and when to sell gold, it is sufficient for them that gold is a safe haven, while currencies remain just papers, the world is full With political and economic problems, all of this will support gold in the future.

Gold is one of the safe havens that can be invested in. One of the benefits of investing money in gold is that it works to keep money from inflation factors and high prices of other commodities, such as oil, the dollar, and others, which are located in other investment methods, and it is considered the most stable investment Even if there is a decline in periods of the year in its price, it will continue to increase in the long run. Therefore, investing in gold is the safe haven for capital and wealthy owners to preserve their wealth and value of their money, and protect them from inflation factors and other financial market fluctuations.

To do gold trading, the investor must first purchase the gold and then hold it for a period of time and then sell it and earn profits, and to ensure the success of investing your money in gold you must buy gold and keep it for a period of two or three years at least to ensure the success of your investment, and the best is to save alloys Gold, it is possible to rely on the method of speculation in gold, but with a portion of the money allocated for investment.

You can invest in gold through gold deposit certificates, which are certificates issued by certain bodies such as banks, and in specific categories, and are an alternative to actual gold. You can trade daily through these certificates buy or sell without the need to buy or store gold, and you can recover its gold earnings, as Buying and selling is done at a specific price.

The ways and types of trading in gold vary between savings, investment and the stock market. There are many people who want to buy gold by offering to save and save money, and it is considered a very successful investment, but the investor must deal with gold in a correct way in order not to be subjected to losses.

There are ways to buy gold, such as buying and saving gold jewelery, either in a safe place, or placing it in bank deposits and treasuries, or buying gold bars and saving them for saving in the previous methods, and it is also possible to purchase gold deposit certificates or buy paper gold from central banks, which is a more secure form of purchasing Jewelery, raw gold or alloys, and the investor can subscribe to investment funds that trade in gold, or buy rare gold coins to hold and sell them at a higher price where they have a great demand.

And every investor who wants to invest in gold must be well aware that the price of selling gold differs from the purchase price, and the reason is the costs of workmanship. Many people buy gold jewelery for the purpose of keeping them to increase their price, but they find that they lost their money despite the high price of gold, and the reason is In that to the price of manufacturing, when you sell those jewelry you deduct the value of jewelry and crafts from the price, which may exceed 10% of the price value, so if you want to buy gold for the purpose of saving or investing, you must buy gold bars, not gold jewelery.


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