Gold prices today rise by 15 pounds, and 21 karat records 1495 pounds per gram

Today, Thursday, gold prices witnessed an increase of 15 pounds in Egypt today, to record prices of 1495 pounds per gram without adding factory, after a significant rise in the past days with the tendency of consumers and capital owners to hedge against a drop in currencies.

Gold prices today:

18 karat recorded 1281 pounds.

21 karat recorded 1495 pounds.

24 karat, a record of 1708 pounds.

The gold pound is 11960 pounds.

The total rise in gold prices at the end of last week reached 160 pounds in the Egyptian market as a result of the high demand for gold in the market and the decline in the volume of supply.

George Abdullah, a member of the Gold Division, said that gold prices are affected by several factors, including supply and demand, the availability of ore, the price of the dollar, and the global price of gold, and changes in these factors make gold constantly changing.

He added, in exclusive statements, that the precious metals industry needs to import production requirements, all of which are not local, and these production requirements have increased significantly in recent times with the continued movement of the dollar, including, for example, “wax, rubber, brushes, fries, all of which are imported,” stressing that The market is not stable in the current period, and the factories bear many burdens as a result of the continued payment of labor costs and monthly obligations, with a continued noticeable decline in the sales of the employed, and this undoubtedly reflected in the markets and prices.

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