Gold prices today, Wednesday, June 15, 2022 in Egypt

Gold prices today in Egypt witnessed remarkable stability in the morning trading, and it was recording 1819 dollars in the morning trading, rising to 1830 dollars, and the following are the details of the gold movement in Egypt in the morning transactions in Egypt.

Gold prices today:

Carat 18 records 855 pounds.

21 karat records 996 pounds.

24 carat records 1140 pounds.

The gold pound is 7976 pounds.

An ounce of gold is $1,830.

Globally, the rise of the dollar and US treasury bond yields stopped, which gives support to gold, but the gains were limited due to the increased bets on the US Federal Reserve’s tightening of monetary policy to a large extent.

And the price of gold in spot transactions rose 0.3% to $ 1824.21 an ounce by 04:56 GMT, after falling to its lowest level since May 19 at $ 1810.90 earlier in the session, and gold futures in the United States fell 0.2% to $ 1827.80 .

The dollar settled near a two-decade high on Monday, while the precious metal, priced in the US currency, fell by nearly 3%.

The Metals Division of the Federation of Industries said that the global gold markets are now awaiting the announcement of US interest rates, which have a significant impact on gold trading and the volume of demand for the yellow metal, which of course affects the movement of gold in the Egyptian market.

She pointed out that the drop in gold prices in Egypt under 1000 pounds per gram for the second time since March 21, 2022 is an indication of the decline in speculation on the dollar, as well as the matter related to supply and demand factors during the past week.

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