Golden Marianne, new symbol of the Paris-2024 Olympics

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Paris – A Marianne for a small revolution. The organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris-2024 presented Monday the final logo of the event, in total rupture with the previous one.

In a gilded round, symbolizing a gold medal, the Olympic flame, in curves and points, is hollowed out. And lips at the base of the flame reveal a stylized face, representing Marianne, the allegory of the French Republic.

Bicolour, sober, rounded: quite the opposite of the first logo, a "24"lengthened to look like Eiffel Tower and explosive bright colors.

A turn that the organizers justify by moving to "a new phase"of the project: it is no longer necessary to campaign internationally with the famous Parisian monument, but give an identity to the event.

"In 2024, by hosting the Olympic flame in Paris, France will show its face to the world. This face is yours, it is the face of women and men mobilized, athletes from all over the world to excel, Olympic values", reacted President Emmanuel Macron on Twitter.

"We move on to something else that must bring the whole country together", welcomed the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, while even Tahiti, 15,000 kilometers away, would like to host the surfing events, and"inclusive", the logo being for the first time the same for Olympics and Paralympics.

"A symbol that shows the commitment of Paris 2024 to make the Paralympic Games that will be revolutionary", also welcomed the president of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee Marie-Amélie Le Fur.

Equipped with a GPS tracker, some 700 runners scattered in Paris, showing on the map of the city 20 points which, once connected, unveiled the logo to a parterre of a thousand people at the Grand Rex. emblematic art-deco cinema of Paris.

To pay tribute to this style in vogue in Paris the last time the city hosted the Olympics in 1924, an art deco touch is found in the typography of the "Paris 2024", created for the occasion by the communication agency responsible for the design of the logo.

The challenge: Games marketing that will have to convince the general public and potential sponsors.

Organizers expect 1.2 billion euros from national sponsors, only one having hired so far: the bank BPCE. A mini-controversy broke out in June on the partnerships, the oil giant Total having renounced to sponsor the event against the opposition of the mayor of Paris who wishes for exemplary Games on the environmental level.

The amount invested for this logo has not been revealed, after several controversies over the cost of the organization.

But Paris should spare, at least for now, the taunts suffered by the organizers of London-2012 for their logo and its aesthetic … particular.


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