‘Golden retrievers even better represented in the Lower House!’ – The Daily Standard

If it is up to the wishes of Akwasi, Sylvana Simons will thunder into the Lower House with her party BIJ1 next year. According to the BLM activist, it is time for a party that focuses specifically on people with a non-white skin color. “Golden retrievers are currently even better represented in the House of Representatives than people of color,” said Akwasi.

Akwasi is therefore very pleased with the local Amsterdam politician Sylvana Simons. In an interview with The Parool says the BLM activist and ‘gangster’ rapper that Sylvana Simons with her party BIJ1 could do a lot of good work in the Lower House. So far, however, Sylvana has not been able to get much further than immense popularity in the Bijlmer and as a councilor of the Amsterdam City Council.

“If someone has experienced what racism is, she (Sylvana – ed.) It is,” said Akwasi. He therefore hopes that Sylvana will be elected as a Member of Parliament next year:

“I also hope that she will be elected Member of Parliament next year. I watched that racism debate and really, my toes were so crooked that I had to sit in a hot bath for a long time afterward to get them straight again. A debate about racism where only white people spoke, what a joke. ”

Akwasi is therefore surprised that a Party for the Animals does manage to score seats at a national level, but that a party that is specifically committed to people with color is not yet active on the scene in The Hague. “Golden retrievers are better represented in the House of Representatives than people of color”, Akwasi puts it into perspective.

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