Golf icon Woods overturns his car and suffers multiple injuries

Woods announced earlier this week that he is on his way back from a fifth back surgery. He had hoped to participate in the Masters in Augusta, one of the four major tournaments, in April.

The American is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time. He is the record holder with 82 titles, fifteen of which he won in major tournaments.

Lingering injuries and extramarital affairs

Two years ago, Woods went through the impossible after a period of injuries and extramarital affairs for the fifth time to win the Masters. He had sunk so low that his career seemed to be over for a long time.

In his dark period he was also involved in a car accident: in 2009 he crashed in front of his house due to an argument with his wife. And in 2017, Woods was arrested as he sat blankly behind the wheel. According to the golfer, it was due to medication.

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