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Gome continues to increase its services in a new model of offline scenarios | Gome Electric | Gome_Sina Technology

Original title: Gome continues to increase its services in a new model of offline scenarios

Life needs a sense of ritual, and it will be 2022 in a blink of an eye, and New Year’s Eve is a festive moment that many people look forward to. Friends who don’t know how to arrange for New Year’s Eve, may wish to participate in Gome’s 35th anniversary birthday party, watch the New Year’s Eve carnival live show, receive a lot of welfare allowances, and bring back popular and popular home appliances at a really low price. Family.

It is GOME’s service mission and unremitting pursuit to think about what users think, urgently what users need, and meet the diverse spiritual and material needs of consumers. From December 27th to December 31st, Gome Electric joined hands with many first-line big-name home appliance manufacturers to launch the “Birthday Live Benefits, Non-stop Discounts” event, a hundred stores carnival, unprecedented discounts, and continued to increase entertainment retail, Unlock a new shopping experience.

New Year’s Eve Carnival Live Show Full Energetic Big Brands Make Friends Friends

Since the beginning of this year, Gome has normalized “really low prices” and truly implemented “really low prices” throughout every event. This time, Gome Electric’s 35th anniversary celebration is even more so. Gome Electric joined forces with Midea, Gree, Hisense, Haier and other big names to launch the “New Year’s Eve Carnival” during the “Birthday Live Benefit” period with popular brands and explosive products at low prices. “Live Show” new gameplay, live broadcast lasts up to 4.5 hours, with 2-3 live broadcasts from brand manufacturers’ factories, so that everyone can not only enjoy tangible discounts, but also make high-quality visible.

In order to make consumers happy and assured of buying, Gome has carefully created the “Non-identical Searching for’Factory'” activity to find the birthplace of good things. Through the live broadcast, we can see the aseptic workshop, which is where the large 100-inch screen was born. Every small screw has witnessed the creation of the twin warehouse roller. Relying on the live broadcast, Gome and its users will share the story behind each product, understand the birth history of these brands, and celebrate the carnival with the manufacturers.

At the same time, Gome Electric also launched the “President’s Choice Must Be a Boutique” campaign, focusing on new products and best-selling products, carefully selecting new technology, mid-to-high-end products, and selecting low-priced and good products for users. For example, Supor Electric Pressure Cooker The selection price is as low as 319 yuan, the low price of the Electrolux freshman inverter air conditioner is 1899 yuan, and the real selection price of Gome is only 1699 yuan… Bring your favorite home appliances home, embrace the new year, and start convenient, A good new life.

Continue to explore deep-seated needs with consumers as the center

Nowadays, online and offline retail channels provide consumers with a wealth of goods that basically meet the shopping needs of consumers. Enterprises are constantly exploring new paths to find new growth points in the industry, but due to the lack of user portraits As well as the precise control of the “renewal” demand, the journey of exploring new things is not smooth. While paying attention to what consumers think, it is necessary to expand and explore consumer demand in the field of home appliances, and accurately capture their strong and deep-seated needs.

Gome’s strengths are to let users like and rest assured, and to have a deep insight into consumers’ inner emotions and desires. For a long time, Gome has been able to quickly attract fans and seize the market by virtue of high quality and low price, with consumer service as the core. Today, Gome is still the first choice for many consumers when buying home appliances. The core is because Gome has been using warm services for a long time to give users a feeling of peace of mind and trust.

To this day, Gome has also continued this “strong service”. In 2004, Gome had more than 200 physical stores across the country, making it a veritable retailer of home appliances. Today, Gome has more than 4,000 physical stores nationwide. This large-scale grid layout makes shopping more convenient for consumers. In addition, Gome Electric relies on strong supply chain capabilities and professional product selection capabilities to provide consumers with pre-selection products for electrical appliances, to check at the source and help consumers eliminate substandard products.

After the rise of online, the core role of GOME’s physical stores as consumer electronics pre-selection products has been magnified again. Consumers can place orders directly online for primary home appliances such as small home appliances, but the main high-end sets and new trend home appliances, perfect display and experience, are a must-have scene on the supply and demand side. I believe this is the key to Gome’s long-term trust from consumers, and it is also the model that Gome will continue to use.

Online and offline dual platforms strongly resonate, Gome wants to change lanes and overtake

No matter how the consumer needs change, the desire to make the home and life better will not change. The competition in the new retail format is a struggle between products, services, experience and efficiency. In the final analysis, it is competition in the supply chain. Gome Electric, as the basic disk of the full retail ecological strategy, revolves around the strategic layout of “Home·Life”, creating an offline “Home·Life Boutique Exhibition Hall”, providing product display for manufacturers’ brands, and providing users with home appliance solutions.

The new offline scene model “City Pavilion” built by Gome is accelerating its arrival. In the future, Gome Electric will lead the establishment of three major offline store types with the city as the unit and grid coverage as the core: city pavilions, city flagship stores, and boutique stores, and form an omni-channel offline platform model by creating boutique display models , Continue to increase the density and thicken the offline platform network.

And this series of offline layouts means that Gome is increasing its offline scenes, empowering offline experience upgrades through new technologies such as digitization and intelligence, and forming a strong resonance with online platforms. In the future, Gome offline stores will not only carry the role of display, experience and delivery, but also consolidate the distribution capabilities of Gome Logistics and realize the coordinated “acceleration” of the central warehouse and the front warehouse.

In 2021, Gome will comprehensively promote the extension and upgrade of the second phase of the “Home·Life” strategy. The main implementation path is to build and aggregate six important platforms: online, offline, supply chain, logistics, big data cloud, and sharing. Make every effort to create a full-link, full-scenario, and full-model “full retail ecological sharing platform”. With this platform, Gome, with an open and collaborative attitude, relies on online and offline dual platforms to resonate, and radiates from home appliances to the full range of Gome through the advantages of supply chain integration, it is bound to overtake in the corners of new retail in the future.


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