Good deal Airpods Pro: bluetooth headphones with noise reduction from Apple displayed in reduction

The Airpods Pro, Apple’s best performing premium earphones are available for a great price at Rakuten right now. A price drop of almost 30% compared to the base price!

The Airpods Pro are undoubtedly one of the most interesting products on the market when looking to get headphones with active noise reduction. They are certainly not the only ones (we are thinking in particular of the excellent Sony WF-1000XM3, which you can also find here in reduction), but they are among the most popular. The advantage is that they are perfect in an ecosystem Apple : if you already have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, they will be particularly interesting for you. In addition, currently, they can be found for a good price at Rakuten.


Airpods Pro sur Rakuten

199 €

So, if it was normally necessary to count on around 279 € to enjoy Airpods Pro (this is their base price, a little higher than the average of products of its kind on the market), here we can find them for a great price at Rakuten. Rather than 279 €, we discover them for the price of 199 € at Rakuten. In short, 80 € discount. Not bad for such a popular and ultimately quite recent product. In addition, you can lower this price further by taking advantage of promo codes or a cashback at Rakuten at this address. And if you’re looking for headphones without noise reduction, Airpods 2 are also displayed in reduction.

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