Good deal Samsung Galaxy S8: 28% discount on the top of the range at just over 227 €

New size promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S8, which benefits from a 28% reduction! A refurbished Galaxy S8 i.e. refurbished in perfect condition, not used here.

Samsung surprises us every year by lifting the veil on powerful smartphones hailed by the press and consumers. This year, the Korean manufacturer has lifted the veil on the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2, with large technical sheets at the rendezvous. What to maintain its place of leader in the face of increasingly formidable competitors, Apple in the lead with his iPhone 12 recently unveiled to his fans. Samsung’s previous smartphones also continue to perform well, despite the passage of time, with generous price cuts. This is particularly the case of the Galaxy S8, now in discount of 28%!


Samsung Galaxy S8

227,90 €

As of this writing, on October 18 at 9 p.m., Samsung’s Galaxy S8 goes priced at 227,90 euros against 316.99 euros originally. Not to mention the availability of promotional codes at this address, history that the smartphone sees its price fall, a little more. Remember also that this Galaxy S8 is no longer produced by Samsung, this is a reconditioned smartphone. That is to say refurbished, in perfect condition, not used. The Galaxy S8’s best arguments are an excellent OLED panel and a powerful photo sensor. If you are looking for newer, the refurbished Galaxy S9 is also on sale.

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