Good End 2020: until when can you participate in the SAT millionaire draw

There is a deadline to enter the giveaway. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

After the Good End 2020, The Tax Administration Service (SAT) recalled the deadline to participate in the famous draw carried out by the Treasury year after year.

This is a total amount of 500,000,000 (five hundred million pesos) corresponding to 362,587 prizes.

The draw for the millionaire prizes will be held in December, so the SAT recalled the deadline to participate in said contest.

Both businesses and customers can access the great draw; however, the participation time for buyers is about to run out, while businesses can no longer register.

Through social networks, the SAT informed customers that: “they only have until November 16 to enter the draw for the Good end”.

The winners will be revealed online.  (Photo: Reuters)

The winners will be revealed online. (Photo: Reuters)

All you have to do is pay with a bank card, because when you make the purchase you participate automatically.

According to the rules, they will be distributed two flagship prizes of 250,000 pesos for the consumer through the winning card.

The remaining 355,935 prizes will be awarded in the case of consumers through a direct payment to the card with which the winning purchase operation was made in terms of established ranges, and a limit of 20,000 pesos.

In the case of businesses, 6,650 remaining prizes worth 15,000 pesos will be paid into the sales deposit account associated with the point of sale terminal within 20 business days after the draw is held.

Remember that the contest will be held on December 7 at 12:00 at the SAT.

It should be noted that the selection of the winners will be made randomly through the electronic mechanism authorized by the General Directorate of Games and Raffles of the Ministry of the Interior.

There are millions of prizes for more than 10 days that the Good End lasts (Photo: Reuters)

There are millions of prizes for more than 10 days that the Good End lasts (Photo: Reuters)

The great broadcast of winners will be revealed three days after the contest through the Good End website at: .

Users or participants in general will be able to consult the result until January 7 in the same portal.

Those who participate?

* Individuals who carry out purchase operations using credit or debit cards issued at participating branches.

* Individuals and legal entities (businesses) that in 2019 have reported lower income or up to $ 5 million pesos, for this, they had to register through They will be able to compete if they received at least a consumption of 250 pesos from November 9 to 16.

Who does NOT participate?

* Those that are generated with cards issued abroad.

* Those that correspond to consumption abroad made with cards issued in Mexico.

* Those generated with private cards.

* Those derived from pre-authorizations.

* Those corresponding to recurring charges.

* Those that are generated due to cancellations.

Not all cards participate.  (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Not all cards participate. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

* Those generated as a result of cash withdrawals.

* Those generated with departmental, corporate, business credit cards, digital or tokenized cards.

* Those that are generated in businesses not registered in the portal even when they are made with participating electronic means of payment.

* Those that are generated in businesses that do not comply with the following tax requirements: have a validated RFC, active means of contact and positive compliance opinion, even when they have submitted their pre-registration in the portal mentioned in the previous point.

* Those that are generated with electronic means of payment that are not participating, even when they are made in businesses registered in the portal

It should be remembered that the registry of operations in the various establishments will be integrated into a database that includes all the authorization numbers that are issued for each purchase operation carried out in registered businesses.

Only one membership will be awarded for each RFC code of the participating businesses and in the case of consumption, one purchase operation for each participating card.

El Buen Fin, a commercial event to heal the country’s economy, will last more than 10 days in Mexico, that is, from November 9 to 20 of the same month.


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