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Good news: China may be second forever, and the United States wins! | Blog Post

by archyde

The contest between China and the United States is not limited to traditional economics, military affairs, diplomacy and science and technology. What the United States wants to defeat today is not the new crown pandemic, but to put forward the evidence of “China’s failure to fight the epidemic” to narrate. The US system is still the world’s ‘s beacon.

US Vice President Harris’ visit to Japan shows the strong strength of the US in the region. AP picture

How to compare the United States, with more than 1 million deaths from the new crown disease, as a “victory country”, while China’s death toll from the new crown disease is only 5,226, making it a “defeated country”? It takes great tricks to turn corruption into magic, but America does it better. As long as 27 people died in a car accident to compose the narrative (on September 18, an anti-epidemic transfer truck in Guizhou was involved), the American and Western media reflected this incident as China’s “failure” in fighting the epidemic.

“It has been almost three years since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, and even when most countries in the world have returned to normal, China is still adopting a draconian reset policy. Secondary disasters such as recession…” The above is from the report of “Voice of America”. At the same time, CCTV News quoted: “The latest report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on August 31 showed that from 2019 to 2021, the overall average life expectancy in the United States fell by 2.7 years. The Associated Press pointed out that the last time it appeared Such a decline was still during World War II. “Bloomberg” even pointed out that the average life expectancy in the United States experienced the largest two-year decline in a century. The report analyzed that the new crown epidemic was the primary reason. “The 320 million people in the United States have lost their lives.” The car accident in Guizhou is serious. It seems that the “condition” in the United States is really serious, and it begins to affect consciousness and thinking.

“The United States does not have a special anti-epidemic transfer car, thus avoiding major traffic accidents.” Well, this is the superior system of the United States; therefore, the American media shifted the focus to another level: “The World Bank released a report yesterday, predicting that China’s domestic The GDP growth rate is only 2.8%, which is far lower than the 5% predicted by the bank. And next year is not optimistic, and the growth rate will only be 4.5%.” China’s official figures are not optimistic, the second quarter of this year GDP growth year-on-year 0.4%, lower than the previous forecast of 1%. “On the employment front, the National Bureau of Statistics said that the unemployment rate in August was 5.3%, of which the 16-24-year-olds survey unemployment rate was as high as 18.7%.”

The conclusion is that the engine stalls in China, and its economic growth is not as good as that of developing countries in Asia. “Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Summers believes that predictions about China’s rise are similar to previous predictions that Japan would overtake the U.S. in the 1990s or Russia in the 1960s. Those predictions seem ridiculous today.” In 2030, it is impossible to surpass the U.S. in GDP growth. U.S. experts believe that in addition to the zero-clearing policy that is harmful to people’s livelihood, foreign companies and investments have also begun to shift significantly to Southeast Asia, In India, for example, Apple’s iPhones are going to be produced in India for a quarter, and iPods are transferred to Vietnam one by one. The introduction of a chip bill and a plan to aid the technology industry in the United States is regarded as the hope of revitalizing “Made in America”.

China described by the United States and the West is a sunset picture, because more than “clearing” the problems, China’s social economy is “riddled with holes”. Capital Economics, a British economic research institution, pointed out: “The beginning of population shrinkage may even jeopardize China’s ability to catch up with the US GDP. Long-term forecasts suggest that China will remain the second largest economy in market exchange rates by 2050.” The reason is ” China’s slowing productivity growth and a very likely shrinking labor force will prevent China from ever surpassing the United States.”

In fact, I want to say that in just three years, the United States has turned from defeat to victory in the new crown pandemic with just one mouth, and it is worthy of everyone’s attention. What’s more surprising is that the United States has withdrawn the song “” which has been sung for nearly 30 years. “China Collapse Theory”, when the United States looks at China today, the worst is no more than the second in the world. We want to congratulate China and congratulate the United States. Isn’t the conflict between China and the US resolved? When will China lose the title of “the most dangerous strategic adversary”, and will China and the United States re-cooperate? this is the key of the problem.

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