Good news from Israel. 94% drop in COVID-19 incidence after Pfizer vaccine

A recent study by an Israeli company found that Pfizer vaccines are as effective for people over 70 as for younger people. Among people vaccinated with COVID-19 with this company’s preparation, the number of cases fell by 94%. in all age groups.

According to a study by the Israeli health service company Clalit, quotes the daily “Haarec”.

The Clalit study analyzed the data of 1.2 million people under the care of this company, including 600,000. people who received the Pfizer vaccine and 600 thousand. unvaccinated people.

In the vaccinated group, symptomatic Covid-19 cases fell by 94 percent, and severe disease cases fell by 92 percent. This group included 170,000. people over 60 years of age and 430 thousand. people aged 16 to 59.

The study showed that the vaccines are as effective for people over 70 as for younger people. Pfizer’s clinical trials could not show this because too few people in this age group participated.

The results of the study also show that vaccinations are very effective in preventing the severe course of the disease, which could not be established earlier in clinical trials, because the group of people who developed severe COVID-19 was then too small.

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Israel has earned a reputation as a global leader in vaccination against COVID-19 because it is carrying out the vaccination campaign very quickly, not least because Israel’s universal health care system – one of the world’s best by many rankings – requires everyone in the country to be a health insurance member.

Rapid implementation of the vaccination program in Israel is also possible thanks to a unique agreement with the manufacturer of the preparation, the American company Pfizer. The company has agreed to rapidly deliver more doses in exchange for partial access to an extensive database maintained by health insurance funds, which continues to raise concerns in Israel about the security of information about citizens and the possibility of re-identification.

According to epidemiologists, Israel may be able to vaccinate 95 percent. people at risk by March, which could allow them to return to pre-pandemic life.

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