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Good news… The increase in medical and hospital tariffs has come into effect

by archyde

A statement by the Public Relations Department of the National Social Security Fund stated, “In the middle of last August, the Director General of the Fund, Dr. Muhammad Karaki, announced that he had submitted to the Fund’s Board of Directors a letter to amend some medical and hospital works in order to ease the burden of the health bill on the insured, who has resorted to some Sometimes he has to sell his house furniture or withdraw his end-of-service indemnity in order to pay it.”

The statement added: “Because of this topic of great importance and urgent necessity that directly concerns the lives of the insured, and based on Board Resolution No. 9/2022, the Director General issued an information memorandum dated 9/23/2022 bearing the number 692, according to which he explained the mechanism for adjusting tariffs for some medical and hospital works in the sickness and maternity insurance branch of the insurance as follows:
Medical work outside the hospital:

Tariff table
Statement L A R Doctors’ fees
General Specialist
Tariffs LBP 610, 000 LBP 1,000 LBP 1,25 000 LBP 80,000 LBP

The Director-General announced that these new tariffs outside the hospital became effective as of its date, after the mechanization programs for this were modified.
Hospital fees will be increased as follows:
Ordinary uninterrupted medical work is doubled two and a half times after being liquidated and monitored.
The cut-off surgeries are tripled according to the cut-off amounts approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

The Director-General also announced that the new hospital tariffs will be applied in the next few days once the mechanization programs for this are completed.

Accordingly, Dr. Karaki considered that “this step is the beginning of correcting the tariffs in the social security and will be followed by subsequent steps as soon as the new decree is issued by adding 600,000 Lebanese pounds to the minimum wage, which will provide the guarantee with an additional income of about 400 billion LBP.
In a related context, the Director-General called on all health service providers to abide by the new tariffs for medical and hospital work, to abide by the contracts concluded between them and the Fund, and not to receive financial differences at the risk of taking the necessary measures and penalties that amount to the termination of contracts with them.
On the other hand, Dr. Karaki announced that yesterday he submitted to the fund’s board of directors the draft decision necessary to increase the tariffs for the dialysis session to reach 1,250,000 LBP. He hoped it would be approved in the first session held by the council or the office body, in line with the fund’s policy not to burden dialysis patients with any financial burdens, as this medical work is covered by the guarantee 100 percent.
In conclusion, the Director General of the Lebanese state hoped to expedite the payment of the debts owed to the Fund, as well as the funds allocated in public budgets, especially the budget for the year 2022, in order to enable it to continue to provide its health and social services to the insured.

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