This Sunday will mark the end of an era: after 17 years of Chilean football broadcasts, the Soccer Channel (CDF) will stop broadcasting its signal to confirm your name change.

The television entity, created in 2003 by former leaders Reinaldo Sánchez and Jorge Claro, with the duel between Huachipato and Santiago Wanderers will broadcast its last game this Friday.

And of course, the date chosen to make the name change was not chosen at random since, this Sunday, Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile face in a new edition of the Superclásico.

It is worth mentioning that the information regarding the change of name of the CDF had already been anticipated on January 4, when they were published in the Official Gazette.

TNT Sports

Turner, through its subsidiary Warner Media in Latin America, acquired the CDF in 2018 and what will happen this Sunday is a process that has been delaying for years.

Already in 2017, the American company created TNT Sports in Argentina and, with its goal of unifying its sports channels in Chile, Brazil and Bolivia (which are still negotiating), the Soccer Channel will become TNT Sports Chile.

This coincides with the fact that the signal in our country will seek to open up to other sports (as it has already done), making the concept of “soccer channel” obsolete.

It is worth mentioning that the change of name of the signal will not mean a frequency modification or affect its subscribers who, now, will be able to tune in to other leagues in South America through the programmatic grid.