Goodbye Chivas? Alexis Vega in the sights of Tigres, would pay a million! Halftime

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Las Chivas they could lose their best man to the Closure 2023well Alexis Vega became from now on, in the main desire of tigers of Miguel Herreraand that is why they will prepare an offer difficult to resist, in order to keep the bomb of the first tournament of next year.

The stove football and the planning has already begun and is going through everything, for this reason, the board of the felines studies the offer they will make for the offensive of the Guadalajarawho recently renewed with a substantial improvement in his salary.

They would pay millions!

According to confirmed information medievalPiojo Herrera asked yes or yes to the player born in Mexico City, while another source confirmed that those of the UANL they would be willing to pay up to 10 million dollars for the Gru.

The same source acknowledged that Tigres’ interest has not yet been made known to the Chivas board, which has plans for the player in what will be the new project with Ferdinand Iron as sports director.

An idol of Chivas

Vega arrived at Chivas from Toluca in 2019 and immediately won over the rojiblanca fans, becoming a very loved element by the fans.

In 2022, Vega renewed until 2024 under the management of the sports director, Ricardo Pelaezwith the intention of taking him to fulfill his dream, which is to play in Europe.

Earlier, Tigres had already shown interest in his services, while the scratched They also tried to sweeten his ear and sign him in case he did not renew with Chivas.

El Gru is a figure in Chivas, he went to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and is one of the almost probable in the 2022 Qatar World Cup in Gerardo Daniel Martino’s list of 26 elements.

Since his arrival, Vega has scored 24 goals with Chivas in 121 games; he also records 23 assists.

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