‘Goods disappear before your eyes.’ A respirator can be bought at the last minute, but not everywhere, but they have a full range Companies and markets

Prague Home-made veils, scarves or shawls will no longer be enough to cover your nose and mouth in shops or public transport. From midnight on Monday to Tuesday, the obligation to protect with better equipment, ie respirators, nanotags or at least two surgical drapes on each other, will apply. Shortly after the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for YES) announced this measure on Friday, the Czechs took online and stone shops by attack.

Although in many cases the stock of these goods has been completely depleted, the sellers are quickly replenishing them. And so even those who will get respirators or masks at the last minute have a chance in many places. The price of the cheapest starts at ten crowns, the better ones, and therefore more expensive ones, cost over one hundred and seventy crowns.

Respirator machine in a department store.

Sold out in smaller cities

Some pharmacies and drugstores in the regions reported sold out on Sunday. In the Central Bohemian Region, customers did not walk in the Futurum shopping center in Kolín, the Tesco hypermarket in Rakovník or the Bondy center in Mladá Boleslav. The shops in the Vysočina region were similarly affected. Some new supplies should arrive on Monday, but elsewhere on Wednesday.

“On Sunday and Monday mornings, we stock 200,000 respirators,” said Michal Petrov, a spokesman for the largest pharmacy network, Dr. Max. Another emergency delivery of one million respirators will arrive this week. It is the pharmacy of Dr. Max had sold out in a number of places after Friday’s shopping frenzy. “Some of our pharmacies did not record a single purchase when the customer did not buy a respirator or a surgical drape,” adds Petrov.

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Surgical drapes are on sale in the e-shop of the competing Ben network. But those interested in respirators are unlucky. On Friday afternoon, the Internet Medication was almost sold outrna.cz, but filled the warehouses again over the weekend. “But the goods are disappearing before our eyes,” notes store spokeswoman Romana Žatecká. Further deliveries will arrive during Monday. However, customers must be prepared for the fact that due to high interest, they will probably not be able to choose from the entire offer. “We do not guarantee that we will have the cheapest goods, customers buy what is available,” he adds.

Online store customers Mall.cz began to supply respirators as early as the second half of January, when talks about respiratory duties began for the first time, following the example of Austria or Germany. “At that time, there was a jump,” says Pavla Hobíková, a spokeswoman Mall.cz. He adds that last weekend they also saw an increase in sales of 190 percent compared to previous days.

The best sellers are respirators packed in five and ten pieces and surgical drapes in one hundred pieces. “We are very well prepared for the growing demand. If this interest continues, we currently have stocks of drapes and respirators in various packages and from various suppliers for several more months, ”says Hobíková.

On the e-shop website Alza.cz Most respirators have information that they will not be available until Friday, February 26. Immediately, the interested party can order various packages of nanorouchers. Internet supermarket Rohlik.cz offers packaging of respirators from a Czech manufacturer or imported from China.

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Outages only short-term

Customers can also buy in Tesco stone shops. “We sell FFP2 respirators and surgical drapes,” says Václav Koukolíček, a spokesman for the chain, adding: We’re not delivering more supplies now. ”It doesn’t rule out that respirators or drapes may be sold out in some places. But only for a short time. “We will replenish the sold-out goods,” Koukolíček promises.

Respirators with a European FFP2 certificate or a Chinese KN95 certificate will be mandatory wherever there is a higher concentration of people. A double surgical drape is only a temporary solution before you buy a respirator, because the drape, unlike it, does not protect the wearer, even in two layers. Where, in particular, it will be mandatory to wear better respiratory protection, the Ministry of Health will specify during Monday. According to preliminary information, these will be shops, public transport, hospitals, pharmacies and authorities.

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