Google, Apple and Amazon block Conservative Talk network

Founded in 2018, the site is the preserve of extremist fringes.

After Google and Apple, Amazon plans to cut ties with Parler, the popular social network for supporters of Donald Trump but also accused of relaying threats of violence, which should make the platform temporarily inaccessible.

In a letter to the conservative site, Amazon says it has “recently observed a persistent increase in violent content». «Given the unfortunate events that have taken place this week in Washington, there is a serious risk that this type of content will further incite violence.», He added in the letter, published initially by BuzzFeed and whose content has been confirmed by an Amazon spokesperson.

Talking has become a refuge for some Internet users ulcerated by the moderation policy of mainstream networks like Twitter, which permanently closed Donald Trump’s account on Friday. Messages of support for the rioters who burst into the Capitol on Wednesday flourished there, while others call for new demonstrations.

Incitement to violence

So Amazon has decided to suspend Parler’s account from January 10. As the group hosts Parler’s data on its cloud service, this should at least temporarily prevent the social network from functioning.

The founder of Parler, John Matz, confirmed on his profile that he was “the social network may not be accessible on the internet for up to a week». «We will do everything to find a new supplier quickly“, he added.

Google and Apple have already removed Parler from their respective app download platforms. These decisions, however, had lesser consequences: they made it more difficult to access the Speak application on mobile devices, but subscribers can still access it if they had already downloaded it or go directly to the internet.

To justify its decision on Friday, Google had mentioned the presence of messages “inciting violence ”. Apple followed suit on Saturday by regretting the proliferation of threats of violence and illegal activity.

Less regulation

«Amazon, Google and Apple did this in a coordinated effort knowing our options would be limited and inflict as much damage on us as President Trump is banned by tech companies.», Lamented the boss of Parler.

On Saturday, its app was the most downloaded on the App Store before it was suspended. Many fans of the US president have indeed flocked to conservative platforms such as Parler or Gab following the decision taken by Twitter to permanently close Donald Trump’s account. Other mainstream networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitch have also suspended the profile of the tenant of the White House after the events of Wednesday.

John Matze also regretted that Apple banned the social network “until we abandon freedom of expression, put in place very broad and invasive (moderation) policies like Twitter and Facebook and we become a monitoring platform by judging in advance the users of Speak».

The social network Parler was especially at its beginnings in 2018 the prerogative of extremist fringes. But it is now attracting more traditional conservative voices, including Republican parliamentarians. Like other alternative platforms, Parler regulates disinformation and hate speech less than established networks.

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