Google Chrome browser is the worst in preventing “phishing” attacks

A British study revealed that the Internet browser “Google Chrome” was the worst in detecting and preventing phishing attacks, despite being the most used in the United Kingdom.
And a consumer rights group said that the study, which looks at the web addresses of about 800 newly discovered phishing sites in web browsers, found that “Chrome” blocks only 28 percent when used on the “Windows” computer system and 25 percent on “Apple Mac” devices.

Firefox was the best performing browser, preventing 85% of phishing attacks on Windows and 78% on Mac computers, according to Yahoo Finance.

Firefox prevented more phishing attacks than the main Microsoft Windows Edge browser, which blocked 82% of phishing attacks, while the main Apple Mac browser known as Safari blocked 77% of the attacks.
Meanwhile, the Opera browser was able at the same time to prevent only 56 percent of attacks on Mac operating systems or Windows systems on other devices, according to the study.
Phishing scams are those in which criminals create seemingly original messages to trick consumers into clicking on them into a fake website where viruses can be installed on their devices, or have them hand over personal information that can be used to access financial information or online banking accounts.

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