Google Doodle: “Blinky Bill” creator Yoram Gross would have turned 95 today

ANDoram Gross survived the Holocaust and became one of the most famous children’s and family film producers in Australia. Today he would have celebrated his 95th birthday. On this occasion, Google honors him with a doodle.

The figure Blinky Bill created by him is known in Germany. There are no figures in the doodle that Gross created. The drawing shows Yoram Gross and the individual letters of the Google logo each thematize a stage in his creative process.

For example, the G is dedicated to brainstorming, followed by a script, storyboard and drawing, as well as recording the sequences.

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The doodle for the Polish-born Australian film producer Gross can be seen in four countries in which he lived or had particularly worked. Germany, Israel, Greece and Australia. Gross died on September 21, 2015 at the age of 88.


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