Google improves closing Chrome browser tabs on Android

Chrome users on Android will be able to avoid false closing of all tabs at once, thanks to an additional message box to confirm if you want to go ahead. This will come from a future release of Google’s web browser.

The Google Chrome application is the most used web browser on the Android system, due to the fact that it is pre-installed on most Android smartphones, and the user usually opens a lot of tabs (internal pages) when searching for something specific, and may want to close All these things at once when you’re done.

Techradar revealed the rollout of the new feature in the beta version of Google Chrome, where the user can enable a flag that displays a message box to confirm if you want to close all tabs at once. This will help prevent all browser tabs from being closed inadvertently.

This feature can be turned on by going to the chrome://flags address when the beta is running at the moment, there will be an option to close all tabs, and a requirement for a dialog to appear. Turning this on will bring up the message box when you are about to close all tabs.

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