Google’s Grim Reaper Strikes Again: Gmail’s Default HTML View to be Phased Out in 2024

2023-09-27 02:02:23
They say the only things that are certain in this world are death and taxes, but there is one more thing that is certain. The fact is that Google can remove services or features at any time. And unfortunately, the Grim Reaper appeared once again. This time, the target is Gmail’s default HTML view, one of Google’s older features. This simple interface will no longer be supported starting January 2024. ⓒStephen Phillips ( / Unsplash According to The Verge, around mid-September, the imminent death of the default HTML view was quietly announced on the Google Help page. You might not think this news is a big deal, since many users are accustomed to the standard view that’s set by default when they log in to Gmail on the web. Standard view has all the features, including modern fonts, a customizable inbox, integrated chat features, and rich text. The default HTML view, on the other hand, looks and functions the same as it did in 2005. All the user can do here is read the email. The basic HTML view doesn’t have many features, but it works well on slow Internet. ⓒPCWorld But its simplicity made the basic HTML view useful. Because it requires very little data to access, I was able to access Gmail smoothly even if I had a poor Internet connection or was using an older device. Even with 2G or slower speeds, my inbox never shut down. This situation is disappointing, but it is not new. Google has been putting several products and projects on the chopping block or pushing them into the grave recently. The Google domain disappeared, and the Pixel Pass program also disappeared. This stands in stark contrast to Microsoft, which not only made it possible to use a historic app (Paint) that was once in danger of being discontinued, but also recently decided to upgrade it.
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