Gosh! After ARB Three Times, LUCK Shares Become Top Losers This Week

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The row of stocks that inhabit the group top losers This week recorded a poor performance, some of the share price has dropped by 28%.

One of the worst performing stocks was PT Sentral Mitra Informatik Tbk (LUCK).

As is well known, this issuer is in the spotlight of market players because it has something to do with a fraudulent investment case involving a financial advisor. PT Jouska Financial Indonesia or Jouska.

It is known that LUCK is engaged in the business of printing and document solutions as well as sales of information technology products. The company started commercial operations in November 2008. LUCK was listed on the IDX on 28 November 2018.

LUCK’s share price even went down auto reject down (ARB) up to three times this week. This decline occurred after reports of fantastic losses on customer funds who were clients of the financial advisory company PT Jouska Financial Indonesia or Jouska.

Throughout 2020, LUCK’s stock performance still rose up to 120% in the first week of February. Then after the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and stock prices plummeted significantly, now LUCK has lost nearly half of its market capitalization value at the beginning of the year.

Apart from LUCK’s shares which fell 28% this week, there are four other stocks whose prices have also corrected more than 20%. The first is the shares of PT Sitara Propertindo Tbk (TARA) which is engaged in property development either directly or through its subsidiaries. Within a week TARA was corrected 27.6%.

Then there are shares of PT Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya Tbk (SRAJ). This issuer is a subsidiary of the Mayapada Group which is engaged in health services. This stock fell 24.7% this week.

Third, there are shares of PT Tourindo Guide Indonesia Tbk (PGJO) whose market capitalization value has dropped 24.2% a week. This company is engaged in information and communication. Currently, the company’s main activity is as a digital travel marketplace service provider.

Finally, PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk (APII) is engaged in the export and import of metal goods, including valves, fittings and other similar products, which have fallen by 23.2%.

Here are the five shares of the group occupants top losers week:

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