Got an opinion on recreational cannabis? Take part in the citizen consultation

A citizen consultation on the use of recreational cannabis is open until February 28 on the website of the National Assembly.

We owe this initiative to the mission of providing information on the regulations and the impact of the different uses of cannabis.

Composed of 33 deputies, it works on the hemp sector, therapeutic cannabis (currently in the experimental phase), “well-being” cannabis (without psychotropic effects) and now, therefore, recreational cannabis, such as marijuana and hashish.

The objective of the mission is to “take stock of public policies in terms of prevention and repression of trafficking and use of cannabis, provide an overview of foreign experiences of legalization or decriminalization, contribute to a reflection on the possible evolution of the French regulatory framework ”.

Illicit, but widespread consumption

The French are therefore invited to give their opinion, through a questionnaire lasting a few minutes, including closed and open questions.

“This reflection cannot be considered without attentive listening to the expectations of citizens”

And the deputies assure him, the results of the consultation will be taken into account to determine the proposals made within the framework of its report.

France has 3.9 million cannabis consumers, which alone accounts for 80% of the consumption of narcotic products.

According to the French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction, 39.1% of 17-year-old adolescents have smoked cannabis and 44.8% of 18-64 year-olds (2017 figures). A market valued at 1.2 billion euros.

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