Government aid is far away: Pettimudi | Pettmudi | Kerala

Thodupuzha മ്പോ One year after the Pettimudi tragedy, the government has not yet provided assistance to many of the victims’ dependents. The families of 20 people who died in the tragedy have been denied legal aid due to legal issues.

Gandhiraj’s sister Mariammal, who died in the Pettimudi tragedy, said she had not received any help. His father and mother, who depended on him, paved the way for the government’s denial of assistance. The bodies of Gandhiraj, his wife and two daughters were recovered.

The body of the second daughter Karthika was not found. The relatives allege that the government declared him dead but did not even issue a death certificate. The government also denied justice to Murukesan, a canteen employee who was killed in a landslide.

Of the 70 people who died in the disaster, only 46 were dependents whose financial aid was handed over by the government. The announcement made by the then Revenue Minister in Munnar last January that the rights dispute would be resolved and assistance would be provided soon did not materialize.

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