Government Assistance Rp. 3 Million Liquid 4 Months Non-Stop Prepare KTP and KK

Illustration of KTP and KK to get government assistance

MOTOR – For those who haven’t got it help government or BLT no need to worry, calm down there is still something to be shared.

Help government IDR 3 million disbursed 4 months Non-stop, prepare your KTP and KK for registration capital to get it.

To help government or BLT IDR 3 million from the Family Hope Program (PKH).

Allocation of beneficiaries PKH as many as 10 million families by 2021.

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The aid will be distributed over a period of one year, carried out in four stages, namely January, April, July and October.

The government stipulates that PKH recipients consist of two components in the family.

The first component is pregnant women, early childhood, family, elderly, and disabilities.

Meanwhile, the other component is PKH family education assistance for elementary to high school school age children.

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