Government evaluates which classes alternate between blended and virtual

“In education, we have to search for lost time,” said the president. Francisco Sagasti recognizing that virtual classes were not accessible to the entire student population.

The president indicated that, together with the Minister of Education Ricardo Cuenca, they are working on the development of a plan so that in 2021 classes alternate between face-to-face, blended and virtual modalities. This, according to the complex realities of students from different sectors.

“Due to a series of circumstances, we have not been able to have a regular cycle, not even remotely, with the majority of students throughout the country. We have to make a plan, and we are discussing this with the Minister of Education, so that in the coming months we can make up for lost time ”, noted during an interview conducted this Sunday, November 29.

“Then, in 2021, make a mix so that in some cases, keeping all the issues of physical and physical distance, return to face-to-face education and in other cases make a mix of face-to-face and virtual education that can complement each other, and in others see how we can work with virtual education ”, he explained.

Then, Francisco Sagasti pointed out that they created a working group to evaluate how to accelerate quality internet coverage, especially in rural areas, whose students were the most affected by student dropouts.


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