Government increases prices of almost all fuels; LPG will remain the same –

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Government increased fuel prices for the week of January 23-29, with the exception of liquefied petroleum gas, which will remain the same.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM) reported that starting this Saturday the gallon of Premium gasoline will go up RD $ 3.50 and will be sold at RD $ 226.60, and that of the Regular will increase RD $ 3.20 and cost RD $ 213.10.

Optimal diesel will increase RD $ 2.60 per gallon and will be sold at RD $ 184.70, and Regular will increase RD $ 1.60 and will be offered at RD $ 170.80.

A gallon of fuel oil will rise RD $ 1.40 and cost RD $ 116.70 and that of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) will be kept at RD $ 128.10.

The avtur will increase RD $ 2.30 per gallon and will be sold at RD $ 132.10; kerosene will rise RD $ 2.40 and cost RD $ 157.60, and Natural Gas will continue at RD $ 28.97 per cubic meter.


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