Government invites the bar and restaurant union to learn about the drama of the UCI room

At the invitation of the Departmental Health Secretary, the spokesperson for the Pereira bars, nightclubs and restaurant union visited the Intensive Care Unit from the Los Rosales Clinic to know first-hand the reality in the occupation of this service and verify the figures that the health authorities report daily against Covid -19.

“It is not pleasant, exercise is something that we wanted to do because of the problems of our union, but seeing it from the medical and scientific side we see that it is a reality, that the Covid affects us all, so we have to become aware of that the orders and decrees that the Government places on us are to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves as citizens and take care of our families, which is the most important thing ”concluded his account visibly shocked Fader Guillermo Cano, spokesman and representative of the night bar, nightclub and restaurant union at finish the tour.

For her part, Sandra Gómez, director of Public Health and manager of the Covid in Risaralda pointed out the relevance of this exercise after having received questions from this union “it seemed very important to us that they know the reality in the field, not only in the figures, some of them said they did not believe the reports we give from the Ministry of Health and that is why today we came to do this exercise in a judicious and respectful way, which I believe will bear the fruits that we need at this time ”.

The tour, which was accompanied by the Pereira Personera, who, through the health component, articulates surveillance actions with the departmental authorities, not only corroborated the figures, but also expressed concern at the outlook of the pandemic “we are faced with a situation concerning, which agrees with the newsletters and the information that is disseminated daily to the public and about it we want to continue doing this exercise to show that the information is transparent and it obeys a reality that at this moment is critical in the city ”, Sandra Lorena Cárdenas.

The tour of the ICU Covid and Non-Covid expansion area, as well as intermediate care, not only made it possible to demonstrate the situation that patients experience after arriving at these instances, but also to corroborate the scenario that health personnel face daily .

John Quevedo, manager of the Los Rosales Clinic was in charge of guiding the visit and recreating with elements of protection, clothing and real protocol that the healthcare personnel must follow. “We have been working for a long time, it has been very painful to attend, the pain and suffering of families who have lost loved ones, we have fought a great battle with the entire human team, it is a complex situation, there are many tired people, so today we invite the community to follow the recommendations of government entities, three basic things, social distancing, avoiding crowds, constantly washing hands and always wearing a mask ”.


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