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Government purchase of Pfizer treatment! Related reference tomorrow!

▶▶▶Pfizer Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Approval for Emergency Use! The government pre-purchased! Weeks related to raw material supply start tomorrow from ‘upper price’! You can expect a hit in the short term! [클릭]

The government has signed a pre-purchase contract with Pfizer for 604,000 oral treatments for COVID-19 and started to secure additional supplies.

Pfizer’s oral treatment is 90% effective in preventing death in patients infected with COVID-19.

The government is planning to start administering the Corona treatment from next month.

Currently, the U.S. government has pre-ordered Pfizer’s treatment for 100 million patients.

Currently, this company in Korea is supplying raw materials for Pfizer treatment.

▶▶▶Starting from the upper limit tomorrow! Exclusive supply of raw materials for Pfizer treatment pills! ▶Free application◀

“I closed the cafe I was running due to Corona and signed up with the feeling of catching straw.

But… I never dreamed that the straw would be a golden copper wire!

It’s literally just buying, but you can earn 10 million won each month from bio stocks. Does this make sense? Thank you so much… I will never let go of the gold ribbon!”

(Self-employed *Jun Yoo, 36 years old)

▶▶▶Strongly attack only stocks that rise unconditionally in the short term! [종목보기]

※Think of it as the last time and have courage. We will reward you with the upper limit on “December 29”. [클릭]

[최근 상한가 적중]

*21.12.27 Well Biotech (010600) hit above!

*21.12.20 Korea Electronic Certification (041460) above!

*21.12.16 JLK (322510) hit above!

*21.12.09 Alois (297570) hit above!

*21.12.03 Action Square (205500) hit above!

*21.11.29 Wemade Max (101730) hit above!

*21.11.22 Wonpung Mulsan (008290) hit above!

*21.11.12 DMT (134580) hit above!

*21.11.08 Webs (196700) hit on top!

*21.11.01 Galaxy Armor Tree (094480) Hit above!

▶▶ “December 29 high price” is offered and closed until today.

[화이자 관련 종목 받아보기!] ▶ Receive items ◀

※ Limited to 15 people on a first-come, first-served basis! Recruitment of main characters for the last ‘Buzzer Beater’ near the end of the 4th quarter ※

[오늘의 관심주]

Hyundai (005380) Yuhan Corporation (000100) Daesung Energy (117580) Haesung TPC (059270) Mirae Nanotech (095500)

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