Government would have list the city that will receive the Chinese vaccine

“We are analyzing with the Vaccine Advisory Instance the possibility of making a special delivery to Leticia, so it would be an interesting possibility to vaccinate the population of the capital of the Amazon”, said Ruiz, it’s a statement.

He argued that the measure would be taken in order to reduce a possible spread of the Brazilian strain of COVID-19, which has already been reported in the capital of the Amazon.

Likewise, logistics would play an important role, since Coronavac vaccine from Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac would not require deep freezing that do require, for example, vaccines from the American Pfizer.

The Minister of Health himself made mention of the low proven efficacy of this vaccine (50.3%), but he explained why that percentage was given in clinical studies and stressed that the vaccine substantially reduces severe cases of COVID-19 in the population.

“I want to clarify that this 50.3% efficacy is given in a study where it was only applied to health personnel who attend COVID-19, where the level of contagion is much higher. But in population studies the efficacy is 90%, ”Ruiz indicated.

This was the announcement of the arrival of Chinese vaccines:

Sinovac: Iván Duque announced with great fanfare the arrival of the Chinese vaccine

“We continue to make progress in the National Vaccination Plan. This weekend 192 thousand doses of Sinovac will arrive in the country. We will continue to progressively receive the doses necessary to vaccinate 35 million Colombians in 2021 ″, wrote the head of state, along with the images of the Chinese vaccine.

Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccine, called Coronavac, had the authorization of Invima through of the emergency protocol.

From that laboratory, the National Government acquired 2.5 million doses, which will serve for 1.25 million Colombians.

The news was known after 50,000 doses of Pfizer will land in the country; those first vaccines will be distributed during this Tuesday to the different territories from the country to begin the vaccination process.

The first person vaccinated in Colombia it will be Verónica Machado, a head nurse who works at the Hospital Universitario de Sincelejo. She will receive the first dose of Pfizer this Wednesday, two days before the date on which the Ministry of Health had planned start the immunization plan.


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