Governor announces that he returns after 4 hours of daily rationing

Omar Prieto confirmed the repair of the affected autotransformer, of which he assured: “We are certain that it was sabotaged.”

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01:05 PM / 16/09/2020

The governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto, confirmed on the morning of this Wednesday, September 16, that the damaged autotransformer of the Cuatricentenario substation has already been repaired and announced that the four-hour rationing scheme will be returned only once a day.

“We are certain that the transformer was sabotaged, the action was directed to a very important point in the electrical system of Zulia, (…) but we have already succeeded in replacing it, the transformer in yesterday night (Tuesday) arrived at its maximum operation, ”Prieto added, in a message from the headquarters of the Central Command of the Bolivarian Police Force of the state of Zulia.

The governor explained that “now we return to the scheme that we were proposing of four hours of load management per circuit, once a day, and not as we had unfortunately fallen that we gave electricity to the community for eight hours, the rest it was interrupted ”.

The information offered this Wednesday by the first state authority comes after several days of resurgence of rationing, which even generated protests in various parts of the Zulia capital, overwhelmed by cuts in the electricity service that could reach the twelve hours a day.

In this regard, the governor said that “we have detected the points where these demonstrations are taking place and they are the traditional points of Guarimba, that if Palaima, that if Urbe, that if the 200 in San Francisco, well, there we have a plan (. ..) of a deployment to have a presence, but we will do important things about the electrical system to avoid putting it in the hands of those who have any option to create disturbances and try to disturb the tranquility of Zulianos. “

“More than five points were covered yesterday by the state police and the Fanb and what they do is burn things and try to obstruct the road and we of course have a school, it is not in the trunk on the closed road where we are going to act, but in the house of those who are doing the guarimba “.


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