After the labor lawsuits and sexual harassment against the newly appointed governor of Iquique, Rodrigo Guagama, were known, the militant Renovación Nacional declined to take office.

Less than 24 hours, the now former provincial authority, who works as general manager of the Development Corporation of Tarapacá, was able to remain after a lawsuit for protection of fundamental rights was disseminated against him for alleged labor and sexual harassment, causing it is processed in the First Labor Court of Letters in Iquique.

Through the website of the Development Corporation of Tarapacá, Guagama communicated his decision invoking as a reason the protection of honor and his family.

Although he acknowledges the claim, he assures that there is still no sentence condemning him.

The RN militant would replace the now former governor of Iquique, Alvaro Jofré, who resigned to start an electoral race next year.

For now, the position remains vacant.