Governor of Magdalena will make first adjustments in his cabinet

In the midst of the pandemic due to the coronavirus attack, the top officials of the Magdalena administration submitted massive and voluntary resignations from their positions.

This step alongside the members of the cabinet will allow the governor, Carlos Caicedo Omar, to make the first adjustments to his team of collaborators, in the face of the challenges arising from the implementation of the Departmental Development Plan (PDD) 2020 – 2023 .

Although the head of the Magdalena government has not ruled on the issue, from the Tayrona Palace it was confirmed that he will make several changes.

In the same way, it was indicated that the collective resignation would have been suggested by the ruler because it requires an “urgent oxygenation of the payroll.”

The departmental plan. The decision was made known Monday night through a communication issued from the departmental administration headquarters. “Once the stage of preparation and presentation of the PDD ‘Magdalena Renace’ is concluded, a new phase marked by the development and implementation of the actions enshrined in the document will be approached,” reads the letter sent to the media. The Development Plan is made up of four sectors: Equity, Employment, Environmental Productivity and Popular Government.

The objective of the PDD is to improve the quality of life of the people of Magdalene and transform the territorial entity into one of the most competitive in the Caribbean region and the country.

During the eight months that he has led the Department, Carlos Caicedo has maintained almost the entire work team with which he began his government.

In the next few days it is likely that those who have been confirmed in the positions and the officials who will join him in this new stage will be known.

First resignations.

Of their own free will and arguing for family reasons, months ago there had been the resignation of three administration officials who from the first day of the government accompanied the president.

In May, the director of the Communications Office, Eduardo Enrique Brito Salas, and the Secretary of Education, Luis Alberto Grubert Ibarra, did so. On July 12, in the middle of the pandemic, Jorge Bernal, who was serving as Secretary of Health, resigned.

Bernal said that the withdrawal was due to the fact that his wife had undergone surgery for a recurrent cancer treatment. At the time, Governor Caicedo assured that Bernal would continue to accompany him as an advisor to the office on health issues.


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