Governor of Sinaloa requests dismissal of official who held “buchona” party in municipal office

Culiacan, Sin.- In the opinion of the governor of the state, Rubén Rocha Moya, the celebration of a party, in a public office in Mazatlán, in which the apology of the crime was given due to the expressions such as “buchones” that were exhibited there by the assistants, is reason for dismissal of municipal official responsible for the event.

He considered that holding a private party in a Mazatlan city hall office, where toy guns were introduced and several attendees were displayed fanning themselves with wads of bills, it must have a consequence.

On his visit to Mazatlanwhere he presented the Wellbeing card of the Bienpesca program and the recently approved additional support of 3,600 pesos for riverside fishermen and women who pack marine species, criticized the actions of the municipal officials who held a “buchona party” in public offices.

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Rocha Moya stated that she respects all cultural expressions, but it cannot be accepted that it be done apology of the crimewithin a public office, so he expects there to be sanctions for those responsible for the festive event.

They organize a “buchona” party at the municipal office

The celebration of a celebration of an official in an office of the Palace of Mazatlan, with attendees that characterized a social event of “buchones”, in which several of the women attendees, with wads of bills, fanned themselves and others exhibited toy weapons, they denigrate and tarnish the image of the main tourist center of the state.

The Secretary of Tourism of the State, Rosario Torres Noriega, said that he hopes that the mayor, Luis Guillermo Torres Benítez, sanctions these behaviors that replicate a criminal culture that you want to banish from Sinaloa.

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He considered that there should be a punishment for the promoters of the party held in honor of the head of the Municipal Public Services, José David Ibarra Olmeda, since in a public office an apology for the crime was made, by assuming attitudes of “buchones”.

Torres Noriega stated that the authorities are obliged to take care of the public image of the state, especially of Mazatlan, since these types of events that have been disclosed abroad, give a different perception to the one they want to show to visitors.

The Secretary of Tourism of the State commented that the disclosure of this type of festivities, in a public office, in which an allusion is made to a “buchona” culture that stigmatizes even more to Sinaloan lands, should be the reason for a sanction by the mayor.

In his opinion, this fact, which was disclosed on social networks by the participants in said party, must have consequences, since there are codes of conduct that must be applied to officials for their actions.

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