govind padmasoorya and divya pillai, may be big actresses, but don’t even have a hundred rupees in hand; Govind Padmasurya who publicly trolled Divya Pillai said that, will be a big actress but will not have a hundred rupees in hand

The friendship between Govind Padmasurya and Divya Pillai has often surfaced as romance gossip. But Divya and GP have said many times that none of that affects their friendship. Now Govind Padmasurya has revealed some ‘naked truths’ about Divya Pillai.

Divya Pillai was on the phone with Govind Padmasurya in between interviews with IndiaGlides. The task is to make a phone call and demand that it be necessary and pay 2000 rupees. When called, Govind Padmasurya’s response was ‘Hi darling’. When I said that it is necessary, suddenly I need 2000 rupees, the GP said that I can do Google Pay right now. Divya Pillai revealed that it was a prank when the money was to be transferred.

But then the real prank happened. GP was revealing some truths about Divya Pillai publicly over the phone, like saying that what Govind Padmasurya did was for Divya Pillai. ‘I believed him when he said 2000 because of being divine. In fact, this is the perfect task for Divya. Divya Pillai is trying to stop the GP saying that even though she is a big actress, Divya doesn’t even have a hundred rupees in her hand.

The actress also agrees that what Govind Padmasurya said is true. The GP has also shared the experience of not calling the phone. Sometimes one calls with someone, to call or ask for a loan. Divya Pillai hung up the phone because she knew that the GP would say a lot if she didn’t hang up.

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