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Goya 2022 nominees: full list of nominations


The Goya 2022 Awards, which will be held on February 22, have already announced all their nominations

Penlope Cruz, Blanca Portillo and Javier Bardem
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The Goya Awards 2022, which will be held next February 22 at Palace of the Arts Queen Sofa of Valencia, have already released their nominations. The good patron, directed by Fernando Len de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem, is the great favorite with 20 nominations. Maixabel from Itziar Bollan, is 14 and Parallel mothers, from Pedro Almodvar, Eight. We detail them.

Best Movie

  • The good patron
  • Clara Roquet Freedom
  • Parallel mothers
  • Maixabel
  • Mediterranean

Best Direction

  • Fernando Len de Aranoa, for The Good Patron
  • Manuel Martn Cuenca, for The daughter
  • Pedro Almodvar, for Parallel Mothers
  • Iciar Bollain, by Maixabel

Best New Director

  • Carol Rodrguez Cols by Chavalas
  • Javier Marco Rico by Josefina
  • David Martin de los Santos for Life was that
  • Clara Roquet for Freedom

Best Leading Actress

  • Emma Surez, by Josefina
  • Petra Martnez, for Life was that
  • Penlope Cruz, for Parallel Mothers
  • Blanca Portillo, by Maixabel

Best Leading Actor

  • Javier Bardem for The Good Patron
  • Javier Gutirrez for The daughter
  • Luis Tosar by Maixabel
  • Eduard Fernndez for Mediterrneo

Best Animated Film

  • Automatic up
  • Mironins
  • Save the tree (Stand up!)
  • Valentina

Best Documentary Film

  • The return: life after ISIS
  • Heroes Silence and Rock & Roll
  • Who prevents it
  • And the blues for Tehern

Best European Film

  • Addis Idiots (France)
  • The Perfect Man (Germany)
  • Another round (Denmark)
  • A promising young woman (UK)

Best Ibero-American Film

  • Song with no name
  • The mountain range of dreams
  • Siamese
  • The Wolves

Best Original Screenplay

  • Fernando Len de Aranoa, for The Good Patron
  • Clara Roquet, for Libertad
  • Iciar Bollain and Isa Campo, by Maixabel
  • Juanjo Gimnez Pea and Pere Altimira, for Tres

Best Adapted Screenplay

  • Jlia de Paz Solvas and Nria Dunj Lpez for Amar
  • Agust Villaronga for The Belly of the Sea
  • Daniel Monzn and Jorge Guerricaechevarra for The Laws of the Border
  • Benito Zambrano and Cristina Campos for Lemon bread with poppy seeds

Best Direction of Photography

  • The good patron
  • Libertad, by Clara Roquet
  • Parallel mothers
  • Mediterranean

Better Sound

  • The good patron
  • Parallel mothers
  • Maixabel
  • Three

Best Editing

  • Bajocero
  • The good patron
  • Josefina
  • Maixabel

Best Supporting Actor

  • Celso Bugallo for The Good Patron
  • Fernando Albizu for The Good Patron
  • Manolo Solo for The Good Patron
  • Urko Olazabal by Maixabel

Best Supporting Actress

  • Sonia Almarcha, for The Good Patron
  • Nora Navas, for Libertad de Clara Roquet
  • Aitana Snchez Gijn for Parallel Mothers
  • Milena Smit, for Parallel Mothers

Best Special Effects

  • The good patron
  • The grandmother
  • Mediterranean
  • Way Down

Best Art Direction

  • The good patron
  • The laws of the border
  • Parallel mothers
  • Maixabel

Best Costume Design

  • Love instead
  • The good patron
  • The laws of the border
  • Maixabel

Best Makeup and Hairdresser

  • The good patron
  • The laws of the border
  • Libertad, by Enrique Urbizu
  • Maixabel

Best Production Direction

  • Love instead
  • The good patron
  • Maixabel
  • Mediterranean

Best Original Music

  • The good patron
  • The grandmother
  • Maixabel
  • Mediterranean

Best Original Song

  • postwar album
  • The cover
  • The laws of the border
  • Mediterranean

Best New Actress

  • ngela Cervantes, by Chavalas
  • Almudena Amor, for The Good Patron
  • Nicolle Garca, for Libertad
  • Mara Cerezuela, by Maixabel

Best New Actor

  • scar de la Fuente for The Good Patron
  • Tarik Rmili for The Good Patron
  • Chechu Salgado by The Laws of the Border
  • Jorge Motos by Lucas

Best Fiction Short Film

  • Farrucas
  • Mindanao
  • Ttem loba
  • We vote
  • Yalla

Best Documentary Short Film

  • Dakhla: cinema and oblivion
  • Appearing
  • I have a
  • Ulysses

Best Animated Short Film

  • Born
  • Selection process
  • The Monkey
  • Umbrellas

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