Goya Award: ‘Las nias’, favorite in the Goya del Zoom … and that God distributes wifi

Saturday, March 6, 2021 – 02:38

The year of the pandemic is also the year of contradictions, the most unpredictable year and, whatever happens, the year of Pilar Palomero.

Statuettes of the Goya won by Antonio Banderas exhibited in the Tercer Acto restaurant of the Teatro del Soho.

The adjective strange is undervalued. So far from March of last year to this one, everything that was strange before has already passed into the family. Even Fernando Simn. I know especially. And vice versa, everything that at the time seemed normal to us, we have now forgotten. The year of the worst box office of all time has also been the year of the best screen share of Spanish cinema. It was the year that theaters closed and precisely the year that we saw the most movies in ‘streaming‘. And so on. Today’s Goya ceremony does not resist such extravagance and for the first time the ‘show‘scheduled for 10 p.m. on Saturday will be presented in a format that has been called hbrido or mixed or blended or just crazy. The nominees will show us their house, go Zoom (the great master of ceremonies of all this time) and Antonio Banderas and Mara Casado will dance from the stage of the Soho theater in Malaga. Impossible to miss it.

So things and to anticipate the comings and goings of Wi-Fi, if we trust the previous route in both the Forqu and the Feroz awards, everything seems to point to that ‘The girls‘should also win here. Not for nothing, the movie of Pilar Palomero follow point by point the route of ‘Summer 1993‘, by Carla Simn in 2018. After being presented in Berlin, she won in Malaga and at the Goya she won the statuette of best debutante. The latter seems more than assured. I did not finish winning at all because ‘The bookstore‘, by Isabel Coixet, prevented it. But there it was.

Among the rest of the nominees for best picture, two of them have already won. So much Cesc Gay for ‘Truman‘in 2016 as Icar Bollan for ‘I give you my eyes‘in 2004 they can boast of having been moved live, not in’streaming‘. In the beginning, the data does not have to play against. However, it is the fact that ‘Sentimental‘, from the first, and’Rosa’s wedding, of the second, are comedies and that never seems to play in favor. It’s unfair, but it’s true.

Of the other two, ‘Ad‘, of Salvador Calvo, claims to be the most nominated with 13 nominations, as corresponds to the only production the list endorsed by a large production company (Telecinco cinema). There is money, there are more guilds in it and even more promotion. However, its distant premiere (before the pandemic) makes it a complete anomaly from the outset. Never before has a film that reached theaters so far from the gala celebration has managed to win. It is true that there has never been an epidemic before. ‘Ane‘, of David Prez Saudo, has already earned the glory. For being there and for that more than certain Goya to its protagonist Patricia Lpez Arnaiz.

In any case, it is never advisable to lose sight of the fact that the category for the best film is voted by all the academics registered in any of the 15 guilds or specialties and 10%, those not registered, who only exercise their right to vote in this section. They are the academic by work and grace of honor. That makes the traditional chain vote (all for the same movie) tend to destabilize in the end. At the last count of academics, the ‘outsiders‘Let’s call them that, they numbered 179 out of a total of 1,768.

The rarity extends to the category of management. Only two of the films that are eligible for the jackpot are listed in this section. Salvador Calvo and Icar Bollan. Cesc Gay is misunderstood and Palomero is well understood since his is the mention of the levels. Let them sneak Juanma Bajo Ulloa e Isabel Coixet, the two practically alone (that is, with just one more nomination for their films) is definitely unheard of. One more piece of information to add to the extravagances of the year.

As for the interpreters, and beyond the aforementioned Lpez Arnaiz, all forecasts are doomed to fail. Quiz Milena Smit, for ‘Don’t kill‘, Y Chema Blanco, for ‘The plan‘, as revelations. Rare would it be on the other hand that the documentary ‘The year of discovery’, by Luis Lpez Carrasco, will not win after being the first to be nominated in addition to the montage category and after having swept every festival he has stepped on.

As it is, we only have to wait for the celebration of a gala hbrida in which the candidates wait at home for the announcement of their names. Antonio Banderas and Mara Casado will be hosting guests at the Soho theater in Malaga from 10 p.m. Pedro Almodvar, Penlopez Cruz, Alejandro Amenbar, Juan Antonio Bayona and both others as delivery people. Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Helen Mirren and other international stars will greet from planet Zoom. May God distribute wifi.

Antonio Banderas and Mar
Antonio Banderas and Mara Casado at the Soho theater.EFE

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