Goya Awards: The macho comments that sneaked into RTVE’s Facebook broadcast of the Goya gala

Goya 2021 red carpet. Actors and actresses parade with their impeccable outfits. The media cameras, attentive to every detail. The mics pick up the ambient sound and unfortunately something else. A conversation at a bar counter in which several men start to comment without any filter on the women who pass by. Without skimping on adjectives or nouns … To show a button: «This cobra, male. But bitch, bitch … sure. What it looks like, man. Let’s remember: 2021.

It is just one of the phrases that could be heard last night in the broadcast of RTVE through its Facebook. Although the public entity has eliminated them, in these times of social networks there have been those who have had the agility to capture them and make them public. The journalist Sergio López, a TV and radio presenter, posted the unfortunate moment in his Twitter account, as a warning to the public to remedy the nonsense.

The nonsense starts with the appearance of Marta Nieto. The actress seems to be to the taste of one of the fine commentators:

– That is called Marta Nieto. Is my cousin.

– Your cousin? Well, introduce it to me …

– It’s good? Well, I tell you one thing: it is the best of all …

– Well, look, the one you don’t want, for me.

– … because the others were all skeletons … Only one singer, Nancy Peluso … Well, and one who looked like a verbenero whore, all full of tattoos …

And so they continue a while longer, in ‘fine’ compadreo. Nothing is known about the authors of the string of macho topics, but the commotion generated in social networks is being remarkable, especially if we take into account that there are only a few hours left until International Women’s Day is celebrated. Anabel Alonso, always active and an activist in networks, has been one of the celebrities who have echoed the controversial audio.


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