“Grab your things and take them!”: the violent attack of a City Police officer on a man in the middle of a Buenos Aires street

Assault by a City police officer

A confusing episode occurred last Wednesday in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Monserrat, where an agent of the City Police carried out a violent attack against a man in a street situation who was outside a fast food place. The sequence was filmed by the occupant of a vehicle that was passing by, and as a result of the viralized images on social networks, a case was opened against the cash and it was under internal investigation.

Police sources told Infobae that the incident occurred at 7:30 p.m., when the uniformed officer involved was patrolling at the intersection of avenue of Mayo and San Jose. When alerted by and aggressive man who was promoting disturbances near a “Mostaza” firm premises and rebuking people who were circulating in the area, the officer appeared at the scene and violently interceded to “calm down” the individual.

“Take them! Grab your things and take them!”you hear the cash say, identified as JE., in the video recorded by the cell phone of a witness, while threatening the suspect with his baton and asking for backup for his handy.

The Buenos Aires agent dealt repeated blows with his baton to a man in the Monserrat neighborhood.

Outraged by what she was observing, the woman who recorded what happened repeatedly asked the police officer to stop his attacks, but he continued to stand firm in his position. “Hey, don’t hit him! If she isn’t doing anything to you.”says the witness behind the camera. While the victim, visibly shocked by the attack, she observed the agent’s intimidating gestures and backed away from her steps in the face of the blows she received.

As a result of the attacks, the man suffered polytraumatisms and a sharp wound to the scalp, as confirmed to this medium. The presence of SAME personnel was requested, who arrived in an ambulance and treated the patient at the scene. The young man, identified as J.E.M.was arrested for injuries, threats and resistance to authority, but the next day he was released.

As a result of the viralized images on social networks, a case was opened against the police personnel involved for injuries and breach of duties of public official, according to what judicial sources confirmed to Infobae. The East Flagrancy Unit, in charge of the prosecutor, intervenes in the investigation. Mariano Camblongwith coordination of the Criminal, Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Prosecutor’s Office No. 11, specializing in cases of institutional violence and in charge of the prosecutor Valeria Massaglia. Both agencies try to find the victim.

The cash opened an administrative summary for the attacks against a man on Avenida de Mayo and San José.
The cash opened an administrative summary for the attacks against a man on Avenida de Mayo and San José.

Likewise, The Office of Transparency and External Control of the Buenos Aires security force ordered the opening of an administrative summary due to the actions of the intervening officer.

“The actions of this police officer do not represent the values ​​and professionalism of the 26,000 men and women who make up the City Police. The matter was immediately taken up and the Transparency Office is already acting to apply the corresponding sanction”manifested from the Buenos Aires Public Prosecutor’s Office to this medium.

As a result of this situation, it should be noted that In the city of Buenos Aires, complaints can now be filed through three new channels, and without the need to go through a police station.

Since last July 21, it is possible to make them by telephone, through 911, and from booths strategically located in high-traffic spaces. In the coming days, it will also be available from a QR code.

Complaints made through these channels will enter the Complaint Service Center (CAD) located in the City Police Headquarters. From there, a specialized team trained for the task will provide 24-hour care, with permanent police supervision.


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