Grail’s False Cancer Test Results: What You Need to Know

2023-06-07 06:34:28

An American company specializing in biotechnology caused more than 400 people to panic, after it sent the results of a test that revealed their cancer.

And 400 people who signed up for the Galleri tumor detection test, which was developed by the US biotechnology company Grail, received false messages indicating that they had cancer.

The company informed these people that it had detected in their blood indicators of possible cancer, according to the newspaper “Financial Times” British.

The company apologized for the incident, saying the messages were sent “by mistake” by PWNHealth, a company that reviews test results and provides results to patients, noting that its employees moved urgently to contact affected customers to reassure them that their test results were wrong.

The company stated that “no patients’ health information was disclosed or breached due to this problem, nor was any harm or negative repercussions reported for patients.”

The aforementioned test is intended for the early detection of many types of cancer, and the American company says that it is able to detect more than 50 types of cancer through a single blood draw.

The test checks for so-called cell-free DNA, looking for changes caused by cancer cells in the form of specific genetic disorders in chromosomes.

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