Granblue Fantasy Relink: Remote Release, PS5 Version, Development Details and 23 Minutes of Action-RPG Gameplay

It was this weekend that the Granblue Fantasy Fes 2020, exclusively online for the reasons we all know. As Tetsuya Fukuhara stated during the livestream Summer 2020 SP, so we finally heard from theAction-RPG in the world of the license during a segment dedicated to the latest information this Saturday. We will have to take our troubles patiently, because Granblue Fantasy Relink is now not expected until 2022! A PS5 version has been added in addition to the one on PS4, fortunately for us westerners, because nothing says that the previous console of Sony is still relevant in our market at that time and that a distributor risks disseminating both.

FKHR made it clear that because of where the team is in the development cycle, nothing will be shown in 2021, we will have to wait until we are close to the release in 2022 to see more, so do not wait for it at the beginning of that year … In an ideal world, the game would only have been announced during the summer 2021. To better understand all this, a summary of the road traveled since its announcement in 2016 has been done. Yes, it is during the Cygames NEXT 2016 that the Project Re:LINK was announced as a trailer, the result of a collaboration with PlatinumGames. The game was then shown each end of the year during the Granblue Fantasy Fes, especially with an impressive video of gameplay in 2018. Except that we learned a few months later that the studio behind the Bayonetta and NieR: Automata was no longer part of the project and Cygames Osaka had everything taken up internally.

Granblue Fantasy Relink 02 13 12 2020

If the Japanese-style political correctness could then have made us think that the work of PlatinumGames would be partially preserved, we now know that this is not the case, sinceit is written in black and white that Granblue Fantasy Relink has been restructured from scratch and worn on the in-house engine. As explained on slides broadcast, the appearance of the game last year was there to reassure the fans, the year 2019 having mainly served to reorganize the Osaka studio, in addition to allowing the implementation of the gameplay four player shown in the demo.

The whole of the first half of 2020, meanwhile, has allowed the engine to be refined, which has helped the team to become more efficient, especially regarding the graphics. This year was also used to start developing all the elements of the game (assets) simultaneously and to finalize the planning to allow a PS5 version to emerge. In all cases, the game is currently in alpha, there is still a long way to go.

Granblue Fantasy Relink 03 13 12 2020 Granblue Fantasy Relink 07 13 12 2020Granblue Fantasy Relink 08 13 12 2020 Granblue Fantasy Relink 09 13 12 2020

A nice little anecdote, the character of Blue should have been our avatar in Relink, but because Great and Djeeta have grown in popularity with the public, so the decision to replace it was made early in development. Today only the color 11 of Djeeta in Granblue Fantasy Versus, but our two heroes will wear her outfit at some point in the adventure.

Granblue Fantasy Relink 04 13 12 2020 Granblue Fantasy Relink 05 13 12 2020Granblue Fantasy Relink 06 13 12 2020

Finally, we were able to appreciate a demo of gameplay that you can see again in the replay of live below (between 6:16:50 6:40:00) while waiting for the upload of a top quality version with English subtitles. During these 23 minutes of play, a preview of the current state of the menu was shown, allowing to go from Great at Djeeta at the touch of a button. The latter was then used to show us the basics of gameplay on a training dummy. You will notice that it is possible to assign different attacks to the four action buttons.

For the rest of the demonstration, it is a 100% female team that was made up with Djeeta, Katalina, I and Rosetta, the only other characters present in the list being the Lancelot Dragon Knights, Percival, Vane and Siegfried. So we were finally able to appreciate a passage of the scenario in full skies on the bridge of Grandcypher being approached by mysterious enemies, the opportunity to attend sequences of shoot’em up via the guns on board, the combo system Full Chain well known to mobile gamers with a rampage of Skybound Arts and various attacks from the cast. For example, Rosetta leaves his roses on the ground and Katalina summons Ares. Finally, we were able to discover a muscular boss clash against a certain Guarantee, a Draph voiced by the great Yamadera Kōichi (Beerus in DBS or more recently Gentle Criminal in My Hero Academia). System of Break, d’Overdrive and several phases in the fight, the players of Granblue Fantasy will not be too disoriented, but it will also take into account the environment and dodge enemy offensives at the right time, which are eye-catching.

To wait until 2022, we can only advise you to start Granblue Fantasy, fully translated into English or even Granblue Fantasy Versus if you enjoy fighting games, sold € 29.98 on Amazon, or to discover manga retracing the beginning of the adventure.

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