Grand-Est: the smallest cheese dairy in France is in Strasbourg

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Cheese maker, waitress, manager, chef? It is not easy to qualify the profession that Camille Dorsemans exercises. This young woman of 29 years old has been at the head of the restaurant Pour bon, open quai des Pêcheurs, in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), since July 2019.

“I am alone in my establishment so I carry out all of the tasks up to the dive!” »Replies not without humor the one whose schedule is busy to say the least. On closed days (Monday and Tuesday), Camille spends them inside her laboratory, tucked away in the heart of her restaurant. A mini-room of 3 m² which has become the smallest dairy-dairy in France, or even “in the world”, amuses the former design student.

Here came the quaimembert and the saint-glinglin

This concept germinated in the head of the Mosellane during a one-year experience in several farms and goat farms in Australia, in 2017. “The following year, I was hired in Paris by Laurent Dubois, best worker from France, who taught me maturing techniques. »A know-how that allows him, today, to design 8 original cheeses, inspired by the big names of the soil. Forget the Camembert and the Saint-Félicien, here are the Quaimembert and the Saint-Glinglin made in Strasbourg!

“I only work with Alsatian producers who supply me with goat or cow milk,” explains Camille Dorsemans. After ten days of ripening, the cheeses are sold to take away or serve as the basis for the dishes that make up the Pour de bon menu. Gourmets can thus enjoy caramelized spaghetti with fresh cheese, burger with melted tomme cheese or the already cult chocolate brownie like cheesecake.


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