“Grand Theft Auto 5” online mode This week, all motorcycles help make a big profit in “Grand Theft Auto 5”

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  《Grand Theft Auto 5》Online mode, all motorcycles are making a big profit this week! Certain motorcycle manufacturers have double GTA game currency, and “Sayanara” triple GTA game currency and reputation points, and more.

The rebels in charge of criminal organizations are using their respective doorways to create a prosperous cause: before September 22, complete the forged documents, counterfeit money, and marijuana motorcycle sales tasks to get double GTA game currency. At the same time, the supply costs of all manufacturing plants have also been halved, so your accountant may have to work overtime into the dark.

All motorcycle club owners can get a free Blaine County Radio T-shirt, which is the best dress for drinking beer in a tattered cheap bar and chattering loudly about conspiracy theories. It will be logged in after September 27th. Sent within hours.

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“Sayanara” triples the GTA game currency and reputation value

Cycling in Los Santos is really dangerous. Sometimes, you will feel that the drivers on the road are swearing at you. Well, sometimes it’s really not an illusion. The best proof is “Sara Nara”. In this competitive mode, the cyclist must do his best to beat the opponent with speed and skill, while also avoiding a chasing truck, or two. Try to survive, or just wait to become a nameless corpse on the side of the road. What is the result of no rounds? Anyone who completes a round of “Sayanara” will get three times the GTA game currency and prestige points, and the rewards will last for a full week.

Two-wheeler racing doubles GTA game currency and reputation value

If you prefer to wear an aerodynamic rubber suit, race with others, and sweat, all two-wheeler races this week will offer double GTA coins and reputation points.

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Car Ju Prize Vehicle: Dinka Clown RR

The skillful and dedicated members of Los Santos Car Gathering, as long as they win the top three in the street racing series for five consecutive days, they can get a devilish Dinka Joker RR. After that, you can modify the original car exactly to your own preferences and specifications.

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Test drive track: Anish ZR350, Weipi Roadmaster GTT, and Kalinkai Liko GTF

Go to the Cheju test drive circuit when you have time to test the Ani Shi ZR350, the Weipi Roadmaster GTT, and the Karin Kailik GTF to see their performance in the race against time in the time challenge, or watch See how these cars turn corners and conquer the painted track, and it’s completely free.

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Vehicles on stage this week: Norm Recto

Go to the lobby of the “Diamond Casino Resort” and you will find that there is even a double-wheeled wind blowing here. So remember to play well and turn for fun. In addition to getting GTA game coins, clothing, snacks, prestige points and mysterious prizes, you also have the opportunity to ride Norman Recto. This is a nimble little locomotive that is eager to rush to the sky.


This week, remember to use your iFruit to visit the pedal and heavy metal bicycle supply store website and enjoy the super good health, that is, all bicycles are free. In addition, if you are a person who prefers four-wheeled vehicles, there are now special offers for various four-wheeled vehicles. The complete list is as follows.

The ambitious Motobang can now enjoy a 40% discount on any real estate in the Motobang clubhouse, and can also be upgraded until you are satisfied. In addition, the replenishment cost of the above-mentioned motorcycle sales task has been halved, and the cost of purchasing a cannabis factory, a counterfeit banknote factory, a counterfeit document factory, and their upgrade and modification projects are all half-price.

Vehicle discounts:

  • The guardian star of the lion HKR: 30% off

  • Shijin Shiratori Racing Edition: 40% off

  • Pegassi Vortex: 40% off

  • MTL Dunes: 40% off

  • Maxwell Rangers: 40% off

As mentioned earlier, in order to make room for future updates and assist players in matching, we will remove certain errands from the GTA online mode from time to time. We will continue to enrich the game content in the future, and these errands will be online and replaced in turn.

Prime Gaming rewards and benefits

GTA online players who have successfully linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account and Prime Gaming will receive 100,000 GTA game coins by logging in and playing this week.

In addition, Prime Gaming members can also enjoy exclusive discounts, including a 25% discount for Aobei Detective S and a 20% discount for Weipi Flash GT.

Please visit Prime Gaming and log in to ensure that you can receive future benefits.


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