Grand Theft Auto Online’s new membership “GTA+” goes live on 3/29 with exclusive benefits and more content “Grand Theft Auto 5”

The GTA online mode “GTA+” will be officially launched on March 29th. This new player membership will be implemented soon. It will provide exclusive benefits and more content. For details, please refer to the introduction below.

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GTA+ is a brand new membership program that will be available exclusively in GTA Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 29, making it easy for new and old players to get it on the next-gen consoles A range of valuable perks.

As a GTA+ member, 500,000 GTA$ will be deposited directly into your Garden Bank account every month, and you’ll have the opportunity to claim real estate in Los Santos, unlocking game updates you may have previously missed. Plus special vehicle upgrades, member-exclusive discounts, GTA$ and RP bonuses, and more monthly perks.

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New GTA+ members will receive the following benefits during their first month of membership (March 29-April 27):

  • 500,000 GTA$ is automatically deposited into your Garden Bank account.

  • It comes with a guideline for Aha’s special modification and upgrade that has not been publicly available for public purchase, plus Aha’s special modification orange psychedelic and Aha’s special modification four primary color interference painting.

  • Tuning shop in Mesa, where you can unlock extensive game updates for Los Santos Tuning Cars. Existing conversion shop owners can relocate their store to Mesa at no cost.

  • Free Los Santos car party membership. During this event, existing members of the Los Santos Auto Club will receive 50,000 GTA$ as compensation.

  • Yacht owners can upgrade the yacht to an Aquarius superyacht free of charge.

  • The Gussy Frog T-shirt and Airu Broker basketball top and shorts will automatically be added to your wardrobe.

  • Conveyor paint for Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC and TM-02 Short Sword.

  • Enjoy a range of complimentary shades and emblems from the refit shop.

  • Triple GTA$ & RP for the Ahot Custom Modded Race Series.

  • Street Racing Series doubles the RP for members of the Car Club.

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GTA+ members can purchase a special GTA+ Shark Cash Card offering additional in-game currency on the PlayStation Store on PS5 or the Microsoft Store.

GTA+ will launch a series of new member-only rewards every month, as long as you visit Legendary Cars, Ahot Customization, Garden Bank Foreclosure Real Estate, Happy Wharf and other stores in GTA Online before the end of each event, you can Receive and enjoy exclusive member benefits. We will launch regular events in GTA Online for all players as usual, and all GTA+ benefits are additional benefits.

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Starting March 29th, log in through the Playstation Store or Microsoft Store on PS5 for only $159 per month, and regular service can be cancelled at any time. GTA+ offers special member-only benefits every month, so keep an eye out for Rockstar newscasts and the official GTA Online website.

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