Granny fell into the water, 32-year-old deliveryman jumped into the river to save her from drowning “daughter is only 6 years old” | International | CTWANT

Seeing the grandmother fell into the water, the delivery staff jumped into the river to save people without saying a word. (Photo/Retrieved from JiMu News)

At the expense of life in order to save people! An 85-year-old grandmother in Jingzhou, Hubei, China accidentally fell into the water a few days ago. The deliveryman surnamed Wang who was passing by jumped into the river to save her life. Unfortunately, both of them drowned. It is understood that the delivery person has a family, and there is also a daughter who has just turned 6 years old and parents who are nearly 70 years old. This matter makes a large number of netizens feel distressed and reluctant.

At about 2:30 pm on November 26, Grandma Zhang, a villager in Jiaotong Village, was about to scoop water in the river in the village. Due to her advanced age, she accidentally fell into the river. The 32-year-old Wang Nan who was delivering goods nearby heard the call for help and went immediately. Save people. Because the water depth was more than 2 meters, and Wang Nan couldn’t swim, he finally got exhausted and two people drowned one after another.

Two people drowned unfortunately.  (Photo/Retrieved from JiMu News)
Two people drowned unfortunately. (Photo/Retrieved from JiMu News)

The police investigation found that Wang Nan’s family has parents who are nearly old and in poor physical condition. Wang Nan’s wife works in a local barbecue restaurant, and the daughter of two has just turned 6 years old. The family leads a simple life. Wang Nan’s colleague revealed that Wang Nan is usually very enthusiastic and kind to others in the process of delivering meals, and his personality is also relatively gentle.

The local party committee and government are now declaring Wang Nan as an honorary title. Wang Nan’s delivery platform will provide care money for his family members, assist family members in insurance claims, and at the same time bear Wang Nan’s young daughter’s tuition and living expenses until she is 18 years old. .

After the news was exposed, netizens discussed, “The kind instinct made him forget that he can’t swim”, “Heaven please be happy and happy all the way, kind people”, “Really heartache”, “Seriously , I am really courageous, dare to save people”, “kind people should get more rewards, recognition and encouragement and comfort”, “what a pity.”


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