“Granting Jacqueline Galant her ‘mom permit’: Watch the Video”

Jacqueline Galant, the mayor of Jurbise, demonstrated her ability to take responsibility during a recent interview with her son, Moïse, and our cameras. Despite the possibility of being tricked during the interview, she jumped at the opportunity to participate.

During the interview, Galant was asked about various education-related topics, such as whether she preferred giving a spanking or a lecture to children, and whether it was acceptable for a parent to be drunk in front of their kids. Galant revealed that she had never spanked her son and that she was strongly against parents drinking in front of their children.

Moreover, she also had some opinions on family planning and questioned whether it was appropriate for parents to have multiple children if they were in difficult financial situations. Galant expressed a desire for more support structures for struggling families.

Towards the end of the interview, her son Moïse appeared and gave her a kiss goodbye, providing a sweet moment for the camera.

The article also briefly touched on the recent changes to mask-wearing policies in hospitals, with the author observing that masks were no longer mandatory at Saint-Luc Hospital in Brussels. However, despite the change in policy, the author observed that nobody had removed their mask during their visit.

Jacqueline Galant passed her “mom permit” in front of her son and our cameras

We can blame everything on Jacqueline Galant but if there is one thing we can leave her, it is her ability to assume. When we asked her to debrief the week for three, with her son Moïse, the mayor of Jurbise did not hesitate for a second. Yet she must have suspected that we were going to spoof her.

Thursday, 3:45 p.m., Jacqueline Galant sits next to me, in the middle of the swings behind the town hall of Jurbise. Moses, who gets out of the car, rushes at us. He has energy, he looks cool. When taking a selfie, he obviously prefers to continue playing. A nice little slice of life.

of videos

Hearing a woman who says she is ready to separate children from their mother is something surprising, if not violent. We’re going to discuss it, but first I want to test “Maman Jacqueline” on her relationship to education. You prefer an educational spanking or a sermon, can a dad be drunk in front of his children, can a politician open a debate on the deprivation of family allowances, etc.?

On paper, the questions seem teasing. In reality, they draw the portrait of Jacqueline Galant. She never spanked her son. About the tipsy dad? “I can’t stand that. The child must have an image worthy of his parents. We often have festive moments but I am very attentive to that”. I point out to the mayor that she trapped herself. His exit somehow obliges him to be exemplary. “I have to be exemplary like all parents and I always told my son’s teachers to tell me if there was a problem. I am open to this and others should be too”.

Jacqueline Galant has never wanted to forbid parents to procreate, but she questions those who want a 2nd or 3rd when the situation is difficult. Are you sure that separating an abused child from an abusive mom solves everything? “I visited centers where entire siblings were separated from their parents, without any visitation rights. Separated children, there are. You know, when I gave birth at the Grand Hornu, the mother in the room next to mine was 14 years old. I would like more support structures”.

Suddenly, a cry… Moses, who has to leave, rushes towards his mother to kiss her. Slice of life bis.

The hospital without a mask, I didn’t dare

In the hospital, the mask is no longer compulsory. Yesterday morning, in Saint-Luc (Brussels), the free mask box was just as successful as before.

I have a nice mask

The advantage of waiting your turn in admissions is that you have time to observe. I wonder who’s really gonna show their face? I stand just in front of the mask box. Parenthesis, in Saint-Luc the mask is at least free. The other day at UZ Jette I had to buy one. The Flemish does not give gifts it seems.

In the mask box, a huge sign announces the color: “the mask is no longer mandatory, it is recommended”. In 45 minutes, I haven’t seen a single face. Reflexes die hard. In reality, I would have liked to take off my mask, which I would not have dared to do.

Upstairs, in the service where I’m going to spend the night, I ask the staff if they can let go of the mask. “You know, none of my colleagues are thinking of taking it off. In a service like this, we think above all about protecting patients ”.

In conclusion, our interview with Jacqueline Galant revealed that behind her tough public persona lies a caring mother who values the importance of love and respect in parenting. Her views on child separation and the need for more support structures show her empathy towards families going through difficult times. On a different note, our observation at the hospital showed that even though the mask is no longer mandatory, many people still choose to wear it, indicating that the reflexes of the pandemic are hard to overcome. Overall, our interview and observations shed light on important societal issues that require further attention and discussion.

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