Grave violation by conspiracy thinkers on children’s graves in Bodegraven

Burying –
Conspiracy thinkers and sympathizers have been laying bouquets on children’s graves at the Vredehof Cemetery in Bodegraven for two weeks, the municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk reports. Protest signs are also placed at the graves. The conspiracy theorists believe that the deceased children were murdered by a Satanist pedo network from the village. The mayor of Bodegraven, Christiaan van der Kamp, has reported libel and slander and incitement.

Flowers have not only been laid out on the graves. Dozens of bunches of flowers could also be found on the grass along the paths of the cemetery. There is also a war memorial in front of the entrance to the cemetery. There too, conspiracy thinkers placed bouquets.

The municipality of Bodegraven says that grave snarkers have been called to this action by three conspiracy thinkers. They accuse, among others, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control of the RIVM, Jaap van Dissel, of pedophilia.

Flowers removed by the municipality

The NOS reports that the RIVM has filed a complaint against one of the conspiracy thinkers for libel and slander. The municipality of Bodegraven has also reported it. In addition, the municipality has removed the flowers and action signs from the graves and cemetery.


Video: Conspiracy thinkers lay flowers on the roadside of the cemetery

Other prominent ex-Bodegraven people, such as former Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and Volkskrant journalist Natalie Righton, are allegedly involved in the Satanist pedo network, according to the conspiracy theorists. Righton tells NOS that she thinks the accusations are terrible: “It is the utmost nonsense, those people should be ashamed of themselves.”

Mayor spoke with relatives

Mayor Van der Kamp has spoken to various relatives who say to him that they are very offended. The fact that there have been people who have left flowers and action plates on the grave of their loved one without any consultation and without any consultation, hurts them. The relatives say to the mayor that the stories of the conspiracy thinkers are not correct.

Van der Kamp is also in contact with various people who are accused by the conspiracy theorists of involvement in the Satanist-pedo network. According to the mayor, they suffer from unjustified slander and defamation.

Community not served by broken grave rest

Van der Kamp says: ‘It is very painful and sometimes even threatening for the relatives of the deceased and for people who are wrongly accused. In the contacts I have with them, I notice that they are very sad and angry that conspiracy thinkers are spreading so much lies and deceit on social media. This also applies to people who are just called in without having anything to do with it. I know our community is not served by the grave rest in our cemetery being violated. It is reprehensible what is happening here. ‘

The town hall of Bodegraven is meanwhile ravaged by phone calls and emails from conspiracy thinkers, a spokesperson told Omroep West. Conspiracy thinkers call and email under false names. Conversations are then recorded and published on the Internet.

Marianne Vaatstra and Nicky Verstappen

Graves elsewhere in the country have also been visited by activists. According to current affairs program Nieuwsuur, flowers and texts have also been left behind at the memorial stones of Marianne Vaatstra and Nicky Verstappen, to the dismay of relatives. “It is a national phenomenon that we have to discuss with each other in a much broader sense how to deal with this,” says the mayor of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk.


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