Great Britain is eagerly awaiting the «Megxit» interview

Harry and Meghan’s TV appearance with explosive power

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have lived in California, far from Buckingham Palace, since last year. But the effect of her interview with US star presenter Oprah Winfrey extends to the distant United Kingdom and could change the situation


Before the eagerly awaited interview by Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry with US presenter Oprah Winfrey, the atmosphere between the couple and the British royal family is poisoned.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan attract criticism before broadcasting a television interview. That has to do with the timing of her two-hour conversation with TV personality Oprah Winfrey broadcast on Sunday. The couple is also accused of taking advantage of their celebrity status.

The show is overshadowed by events in Harry’s home country Great Britain. His grandfather Prince Philip has been hospitalized for two and a half weeks. The 99-year-old is recovering from a heart operation.

“Harry and Meghan are very popular,” said the marketing professor and author of a book about the British royal family, Pauline Maclaran, the AP news agency. “But I think that some people who might otherwise have supported them will find it just a little distasteful for them to draw all this attention to themselves … especially at this time when Prince Philip is being quite seriously ill seems.”

Scene from the interview preview of the TV station CBS.

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The broadcaster CBS is responsible for the timing of the broadcast. The interview was recorded in advance. Critics still see it as an attempt by Harry and Meghan to establish their brand. The two had left the UK last year, arguing that they wanted to live a normal life. But they are accused of still using their status as royals to open doors and make money.

Winfrey’s interview is an opportunity for Harry and Meghan to explain why they gave up their lives as royalty with royal duties. You have referred to unacceptable abuses and racist attitudes by the British media. In a book about her departure from Great Britain, “Finding Freedom”, it is stated that high-ranking royal family members showed little respect for Meghan. In addition, she was badly treated in the royal family.

Pre-published excerpts from the interview have already revealed that Harry was concerned that history would repeat itself. His mother, Princess Diana, died in a car accident while fleeing paparazzi.

In another excerpt, Meghan is asked by Winfrey how she is doing, that the palace hears her describe her view of things today. “I don’t know how you could expect that after all this time, if there has been an active role the company has played in keeping lies about us going, we would just continue to be silent,” Meghan said.


The company means the royal family. The nickname is sometimes used lovingly, sometimes critically. Relations between Harry and Meghan and the Royal Palace are considered increasingly strained. Queen Elizabeth II has withdrawn the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal patronage. The couple then issued a brief statement promising to live a life of service.

Many Britons saw this as disrespectful to the Queen, who usually has the final say on such a matter. Buckingham Palace announced on Wednesday that it was opening a staff investigation. The Times newspaper reported that an employee had accused Meghan of employee bullying. The allegation should relate to 2018. A spokesman for Meghan said she was “saddened by this recent attack on her character.” Meghan herself was “the target of bullying”.

Actually, the relationship between the couple and Great Britain should have been much better. When Harry announced his relationship with Meghan, the public seemed infatuated with the beautiful actress from the US TV series “Suits”. When the two married in 2018, there were optimistic articles in the newspapers about how the married couple would give importance to the monarchy in a multicultural UK.

But less than two years after the wedding, Meghan and Harry moved to North America. At first they stayed in Canada. Then they settled in Meghan’s home state of California. You bought a house in Montecito that is believed to have cost more than $ 14 million. Oprah Winfrey is one of her neighbors. Harry and Meghan have also made deals with streaming services Netflix and Spotify that are said to be worth millions of dollars.

“To be honest, it’s all wrong.”

“The most important thing that the royal family can do so well is to serve the nation, to serve the nation and the Commonwealth, basically to serve us instead of serving themselves,” historian Hugo Vickers told ITV News . ÒÀÜAnd IòÀm sorry if youòÀre sitting in an eleven million dollar estate in California making fantastic deals, youòÀre trading in your royal legacy. And, to be honest, it’s all wrong. “

There are concerns that the interview contained damaging revelations about the royal family. Interviews given by Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their divorce resulted in embarrassing revelations of infidelity. Even more damaging to the palace was the BBC’s interview with Prince Andrew, Harry’s uncle. Andrew was trying to respond to rumors that he had connections with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew showed no empathy for Epstein’s victims. Then he had to give up his royal duties.

Regardless of what is actually said in the interview, it is a threat to the monarchy because it continues to blur the line between celebrity and nobility, Maclaran said.

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